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Address: 310 Daniel Webster Hwy, Nashua, NH 03060, United States Number: 5088731099 Website Contact How do we get there?

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Our teachers are providing classes for kids 6 months up to 17 years. We are determined to help kids that don’t go to daycare get a variety of knowledge and skills accommodated by their age group. For K1- K6 Einsteiners provide after-school programs, such as Art, Slime, Sensory, Science, Physics, Math, English, Chess, Anime and Minecraft. 

For Middle and High schoolers Einsteiners provide private tutoring in Science, Math, Algebra, English as well as SAAS, SAT, ACT, PSAT, SSAT, ISEE exams. Online and in person classes available.

Our teachers are providing classes for kids 6 months to 20 years at our location. We are determined to help kids get a variety of knowledge and skills accommodated by their age group.

Newborns start learning with their vision and hearing. They start to start reaching out for things and explore the areas around them. By doing this they are teaching and learning about their surroundings. Their cognitive knowledge and brain development are also learning how to memorize, think, respond, speak, and reason. This means that they are learning sounds and words. Kids are learning and being introduced to basic skills and developments. They are are also learning/developing rolling, crawling, and walking as their gross motor skills develop. Their cognitive knowledge is developing on how to think, problem-solve, and also learning other important skills. All of these skills will be brand new to the toddlers, they will soon start getting used to using them.

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Sanitizing the facility constantly Members club available

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We are located inside of the Pheasant Lane Mall Nashua NH, 2nd floor, next to Express, in front of the elevetor

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Have a rest in Einsteiners while your kids have an Open Play – only $10/ hour. Einsteiners prepared camp classes for kids 2-8 years old. Every week we will address the motor skills, cognitive development, and language skills of your child through Art, Music, Math, Science, Physical Activities and Pretend Play. We will be covering such topics as security and behavior to teach kids to listen and be careful with strangers. Each day will end up with fun Party Sing and Dance time to release emotions and become more open.

Need a little extra help?


Need to do errands? Stop looking for baby sitter. Use your trusted partner. We will provide your child a class and fun time while drop off according to age.  Sign up in advance to book you time. 

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Baby Facilities

Nursing room and changing tables at our location

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Monday 11am - 8pm Tuesday 11am - 8pm Wednesday 11am - 8pm Thursday 11am - 8pm Friday 11am - 8pm Saturday 11am - 8pm Sunday 12am - 6pm

Mn- Sun

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