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Friendly Farm

Dublin, NH

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Address: 716 Main St, Dublin, NH 03444, USA Number: 603 563 8444 Website Contact How do we get there?

What is there to do?

It's all about animals at the Friendly Farm in New Hampshire! Kids, can you imagine a place where you can meet animals, hug animals, and play with animals - all in a relaxed and natural environment?

Well, you can here! Across five acres you can meet some of the most friendly animals you might ever come across! From feeding the baby goat, oinking at the pigs, gobbling with the turkey or patting that adorable lamb, these are experiences kids won't be forgetting in a long time!

If you have kids that haven't really been around animals before, Friendly Farm is the perfect place for them to really experience them for the first time in a loving and safe environment!

You can spend time wandering around the grounds, learning new things, and just enjoy that farm life!

What animals will you make friends with first? 

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$7.50 (Ages 1 to 12)


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You can now order their special Discount Admission Card online. Receive 15 admissions for just $82.50.

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Why don't you bring a picnic and enjoy it on the grass at the farm!

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Where is it at?


They are located on Route 101

Teachers corner


Groups of over 15 or more get a discount of $5.50 admission per person, and a lot of fun!

Can I get one of those?


There are fun farm-related gifts in the Farm Gift Shop, from pig aprons, cow potholders, kids puzzles, books of farm animals, and more!

Need a little extra help?


Just give them a call to see how accessible the farm experience is!

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When can we go?

Daily 10am - 5pm, weather permitting

Open daily Late May to Labor Day, then weekends though Mid-September

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