America's Stonehenge

Salem, NH

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Address: 105 Haverhill Rd, Salem, NH 03079, USA Number: 603 893-8300 Website Contact How do we get there?

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I'm sure we have all seen photos of that amazing and mysterious stone construction in England - Stonehenge. Well, you don't have to travel across the world to see one for yourself.

Did you know there was one right on American soil!? Located in Salem, New Hampshire, is America's Stonehenge. How do you think it was built? No-one knows! That's the mystery. It could have been a migrant European population, or by a Native American culture.

America's Stonehenge features a maze of man-made walls, chambers, and ceremonial meeting places. Want to know something else really cool? It's like that this amazing man-made accomplishment, is the OLDEST man-made structure in the entire country!

Similar to Stonehenge in the UK, America's Stonehenge was built by a culture that were very highly advanced when it came to astronomy, as well as stone construction. Without modern tools, how do you think they might have managed to shape and move all of those amazingly heavy stone blocks?

What else is fascinating, is that it's known that the site was used as an astronomical calendar. It can STILL to this day be used to work out specific solar and lunar events. How amazing is that!?

If you look closely, throughout America's Stonehenge you might be able to spot ancient inscriptions, in a number of scripts - do you think you will be able to read them!?

Of course, there is more to America's Stonehenge than looking at the amazing construction. Did you know there are 105 acres of trails which are open to snowshoeing and candlelight snowshoeing? 

Did you know that the site is also open to fun kids gemstone digs? AND did you know that the site is home to eight super friendly alpacas!? They are so cute! 

An amazing history right on our own soil! Let's get learning! 

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$7.50 (Ages 6 to 12)


Free Under

5 years.


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The site is seen as a self-guided tour, after you are shown a 10 minute introductory video, and maps of the sites features.

Any top tips?


If you LOVE visiting, you can obtain memberships where you get unlimited access to the site, 10% discount in the gift shop and discounts on snowshoe rental!

I'm Hungry!


They have a limited snack bar with candy, side and water.

Healthy Eating There is a picnic grove where you can enjoy your own lunch if you want!

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Where is it at?

Teachers corner


They love having students visit! You need one chaperone for every 10 students, and they have two tour options to pick from, as well as an archaeology dig!

Can I get one of those?


There is a gift shop which sells 100% alpaca yarn from the alpacas! You can also pick up some other fun gift items to take home!

Need a little extra help?


The trails are on a gradual incline and uneven rock terrain.

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When can we go?

9am - 5pm 7 days a week

All year round. Closed Thanksgiving and Christmas Days

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