No Brushes Allowed

Concord, NH

Where are we going?

No Brushes Allowed
40 Thorndike St
NH 03301


What is there to do?

Art is all about expression, and it shouldn't be confined to a brush and an easel. Not at all! At No Brushes Allowed, they want kids to be CREATIVE! They want kids to express themselves, and experiment with different shapes, and textures...trying new color combinations and patterns. It's all about the kids!

When you arrive, you will be given your two 8 x 10" canvasses that your child can be creative with (AND take home). Don't worry - once they have finished the canvases, there is a lovely supply of paper that the kids can keep creating....and creating....and creating on! (You can also buy additional canvases too)

Why not make the super fun Spray Station, where spray bottles and a whole lot of fun awaits you! Get spray-tastic! Parents - remember the 80s? You will love taking your kids to Totally Tie-Dye station where they can re-create your favorite color combinations from yesterday!

Ever think of using a balloon as a paintbrush? Why not! It's a great way to make fun circles and patterns - like one giant kaleidoscope! Maybe you've thought about using kitchen utensils (Parents, don't worry these ones won't be going back in your kitchen!) From spatulas to other items you would find in that often favorite room in the can make some incredible patterns with these tools!

Who doesn't LOVE glitter! We certainly do, and Glitter Galore station lets kids really make their artwork sparkly and shiny - what colors will YOU be using! Have you ever used a Paint Panel before? These super fun pieces let kids imagination run wild...with their HANDS! Get ready to get messy, because kids can swirl the paint all around in cool designs! 


How much does it cost?

Adults: Free!

Children: $12 per child. $3 per additional canvas.

Free Under: Infants are free.


Need a little extra help?

They will help with any persons with mobility disabilities - call ahead just to discuss your situation and they can help prepare.


When can we go?

Hours change, but often 12pm - 5pm weekends.

All year round.


Any top tips?

Why not have your birthday party at No Brushes Allowed! You get private party time for food and presents, and you get to pick your color and theme from the ones available! art-tastic!

I’m Hungry!

For parties, there is no outside food or drinks allowed, and no peanut products - safety first!

Healthy Eating

There are snacks and drinks available.

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