Things To Do In Virginia Beach

Things To Do In Virginia Beach
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Explore the fun things to do with kids in Virginia Beach - great ideas for your next family day out!

We LOVE hearing from our Family Days Out family, and thanks to Josiah Bryant of Bryant Digital for this great list of fun things to do in Virginia Beach with the family....check it out, and get that road trip started!

1. Dolphin Tours

Seeing the dolphins from the beach is one thing, but have you rode with them as they swim? Virginia Beach native Captain Eric Meyers offers one of a kind dolphin tours that get you face to face with dolphins.

Dolphin Tours

Cruise with the dolphins on a boat in the bay, have lunch on the boat, and enjoy the sunset all side by side with dozens of dolphins.

Learn More about Eric Meyers’ Dolphin Tours


2. Cape Henry Lighthouse

Ever wanted to climb to the top of a lighthouse? At Fort Story you can climb up the Cape Henry Lighthouse and overlook the tip of Virginia Beach and Chesapeake bay.

Lighthouse Tours Virginia Beach

The lighthouse was authorized by George Washington and constructed in 1792. Over 200 years later, she is no longer in use but stands high and mighty watching over our precious bay.

Learn More about visiting Cape Henry Lighthouse


3. Henley Farm Strawberry Picking

Fresh strawberries from Henley farm are like no other. The best part is, you get to pick the ones you want directly from their fields. The farm is back in pungo a ways, which is nice because it isn’t super busy all the time and is away from traffic.

Strawberry Picking in Virginia Beach

If your hungry for more, you can also pick corn, blackberries, broccoli, and more. Henley farm encapsulates what real farming should be, and has a staff that takes pride in the work they do.

Learn More about Henley Farm


4. Fox Brothers Paintball

Let off some steam and lay down some paint on your family and friends at Fox Brothers paintball park. The park is pretty awesome, and is basically a plot of woods with forts, tanks, and acres of open land to run around in.



Engage in fun games such as Capture the flag, attack and defend, and elimination. Playing alongside your friends and family is fun, but we recommend playing against them to keep things interesting.

Learn More about Fox Brothers Paintball


5. Helicopter Tours

You can tour Virginia Beach on the ground, or from the sky thanks to Hampton Roads Heli tour company. Hampton Roads Heli offers helicopter tours around Virginia beach at an affordable price.

Virginia Beach Helicopter Tours

The tours are offered in 30 minute or hour long time spans. You can also get a tour to see the great dismal swamp, or if your into the city Hampton roads Heli offers city light night tours.

Learn More about Hampton Roads Helicopter Tours.


6. Seaglass and Pottery Hunting

Most of us have collected seashells before, but how about seaglass and ceramic pieces? Thanks to all of the trash humans have dumped into the ocean, we now have a significant amount of glass and pottery that watches up on our shores.

Seaglass Virginia Beach

The glass starts as sharp, large pieces and over time is withered down by the sand and the motion of the ocean to create beautiful, smokey pieces of art. Some of the rarest glass found can be dated back to the 1600s!

Learn More about Sea Glass Hunting.


7. Legrand Slam Deep sea Fishing

Legrand Slam Deepsea fishing charters are a great opportunity to catch some big game fish! Set sail out of the Chesapeake bay, and return with tuna, cobia, or whatever is biting.

Charter Fishing Virginia Beach

Captain Dan LeGrand and captain Keith LeGrand have won multiple fishing contests, and are the best guys in town to get you hooked up with a monster.

Learn More about Legrand Slam Deep sea Fishing.


8. Ocean Breeze

A well known park to Virginia Beach locals, Ocean Breeze water park or “monkey pool”, never gets old. The park is constantly growing, adding new slides to keep things interesting. Our favorite is the “toilet bowl” slide, which quickly drops you into what seems like a toilet bowl, and shoots you out into a pool below.

Ocean Breeze Water Park

Race down some mega slides, or try to beat your opponent in a balancing war on a floating log. The park can get crowded sometimes due to high demand so be sure to get there bright and early.

Learn More about Ocean Breeze


9. Farmers Market

If you don’t feel like picking your produce yourself, there are some local farmers that have already done it for you. At the Virginia Beach Farmers market you can browse through tons of local produce, pies, pickins, n fixins all crafted by Virginia beach locals.

Virginia Beach Farmers Market

The Virginia beach farmers market is a friendly, local environment and is a great stop to swing by and pick up some fresh foods.

Learn More about the Virginia Beach Farmers Market.


10. Parasailing

I believe I can fly, I believe I can touch the sky. No really though you can do that here in Virginia Beach at pirate parasail. Get pulled behind a fast boat and let your sail set loose and see the Virginia beach oceanfront from a birds eye view.

The best part is you can do it with a partner to experience it together.



It is also affordable, just make sure to make reservations ahead of time. Cell phones make for great projectiles from a few hundred feet in the air, so be sure to invest in a wrist strap or gopro with a mount before taking off.

Learn More about Pirate Parasiling


11. Seashore State park

Seashore state park is a local favorite. Miles of maintained jogging and biking trails and plenty of opportunity to see wildlife make it a huge attraction.

It is also one of the few places in Virginia where you can see Spanish Moss growing from the trees.

First Landing State Park

We recommend entering the park on the bay side and hiking down fox run trail for first timers.

Learn More about Seashore State Park


12. Pungo Aviation Museum

Visit the military aviation museum to see some awesome planes from WWI and WWII. The museaum features a large, open hanger with all of the planes where you can walk around and get up close to the planes.

Pungo Aviation Museum

It’s a pretty cool place too because they even let you fly them. They do the take off and the landing, but while you are in the air you can maneuver around as you wish.

Learn More about the Pungo Aviation Museum


13. Paddle Boarding

Surf and adventure offers guided Stand up paddle tours through back bay at an affordable price. The landscape you paddle through is pretty awesome, and the shore provides protection from the wind which makes it a calm and enjoyable cruise.

Paddleboarding Virginia Beach

For the more experienced stand up paddle boarder, Surf and adventure offers an ocean tour out of sand bridge beach.

Learn More about Surf and Adventures SUP Tours


14. Whale Tours

It is truly a once in a lifetime experience to be in the presence of such massive and powerful mammals.

Whale Tours Virginia Beach

Ride out on one of the Ruddee tours double decker boats and watch the whales as they feed in the bay. Don’t drop your camera!

Learn More about Whale Tours in Virginia Beach


15. False Cape State Park Trails

False cape state park is the largest state park in Virginia Beach, extending nearly 6 miles to the North Carolina border. The park provides the opportunity to explore and see a variety of wildlife. Some of which include coyote, deer, fox, wild hogs, and even seals.

False Cape Virginia State Park

Take a trip down past sandbridge beach, and spend the day hiking, biking, or kayaking around the park.

Learn More about visiting False Cape State Park


16. False Cape State Park Camping

Don’t want to leave the park just yet? Well you can stay overnight at several campgrounds located throughout the park. To access the campgrounds, you have to hike in from the Little Island parking lot.

False Cape Campground

Hike in, make a fire, and enjoy the best backwoods camping Virginia Beach has to offer. Don’t be startled if you hear a pig in the middle of the night.

Learn More about Camping in False Cape


17. Kayak Tours

For an action packed day full of variety, head over to surf and adventure for Stand up paddle boarding, kayaking, and surfing. These guys have been the only surf shop in Sandbridge for a while, and offer some of the areas best wildlife kayaking tours.

Kayak Tours Virginia Beach

Start the day paddleboarding at the beach, and make your way inland to launch from their dock for a guided kayak tour around back bay.

Learn More about Surf and Adventures Kayak Tours


18. The Adventure Park

If you enjoy climbing, and a good challenge, then the Adventure park climbing course is the adventure for you. The course features a series of ropes bridges, stairs, ziplines, and oddly placed wooden planks among the treetops, creating a fun and challenging course.

Don’t worry, there is a secure line to keep you from falling if you are afraid of heights.

The Adventure park Virginia Beach

They even offer the opportunity to take on the course at night which makes it even more fun. Great place to have a laugh and test your treetop skills.

Learn More about The Adventure Park


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