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Improve Your Soccer Skills This Summer with Cupello

Jun 04,2022read

Family Days Out has teamed up with Cupello to give your kids top quality soccer training this summer

Family Days Out, the world’s leading search for family fun, has teamed up with Cupello, the award-winning soccer coaching platform, to provide a series of informative soccer training to keep your kids entertained, exercised and soccer skills on point during the summer.

Starting next week this will consist of a 6-part weekly series that will help your U6 to U16 kids develop skills in soccer, from individual techniques, such as controlling the ball to picking out the perfect pass or firing the ball past an opposition keeper.

These skills will help your kids develop as soccer players as well as creating bonds within a team, working together and having fun no matter the environment. The 6-week series will focus on the following:

  1. 10 games for small groups (2-5 players)
  2. 10 games for individuals
  3. Soccer starts at home skills
  4. Individual technique skills
  5. 10 games for the back garden
  6. 10 soccer places to visit this summer 

Be sure to get involved and when you want to take your soccer coaching to the next level be sure to sign up to

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