The Durham Museum

Omaha, NE

Where are we going?

The Durham Museum
Omaha Union Station
801 S 10th St
NE 68108

402 444-5071

What is there to do?

Did you ever think that one city could have SO much history? Well, Omaha has a history that's filled with so many stories, it got it's own museum all about it!

The Durham Museum is located in, of course, Omaha, and has fascinating permanent exhibits on the city's amazing history, AND other rotating exhibits which showcase some of the amazing cultures we have had on our planet!

But's all about Omaha! Did you know that before this area became dotted with houses that you know today, it was actually a rolling prairie that was inhabited by the Omaha Indian tribe. Kids can step back into the lives of this tribe and actually experience what life would have been like in a rawhide teepee, and sitting by the fire at a replica earth lodge.

Then, from the mid 1880s to 1915, most sections of Omaha saw "Worker's Cottages" constructed as housing. You can see one of these cottages in the museum!

Did you think that when Lewis and Clark passes the area on their trip right up that grand Missouri River, that 200 years later there would be a city that stretched for miles and miles? Well, it only stretched because of the amazing people that lived there (and still do!)

The Omaha at Work Gallery lets kids see all the achievements of the local business people that helped shape the city!

Of course, that's not all of the permanent exhibitions, but we're excited to tell you about the rotating ones! Not only are there exhibits on topics like medicine in Omaha, and Union Station, but there are exhibits on the amazing Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt!

Fascinating stuff!

So why not have a information packed family day out looking at what happened...right where you're standing!

How much does it cost?

Adults: $11

Children: $7 (ages 3 to 12)

Discount: Seniors $7

Free Under: 2 years


Need a little extra help?

If you have special needs, just give the museum a call to see what assistance they can offer you


When can we go?

1pm - 5pm Sunday / 10am - 8pm Tues / 10am - 5pm Wed to Sat

All year round. Closed Mondays and major holidays.


Any top tips?

You can have your birthday at the museum! There are themed parties with fun activities included!

I’m Hungry!

Step back in time and enjoy some tasty treats at the original Union Station Soda Fountain! They also serve lunch!

Healthy Eating

The Soda Fountain has healthy sandwiches! - Fun things to do with kids and best places to visit in the US
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