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Winning Theme Park Strategies!

Winning Theme Park Strategies!
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When choosing your theme park make sure there’s plenty for the age group you’re taking, it seems obvious but content can vary greatly between parks with some having very little for some of the younger or older age groups.

If you’re limited in what your kids can use it’s helpful to plan your route around the park; if your age range allows a bit more freedom still remember to check the restrictions for what you’re queuing for before you get in a long line! Getting there early before the crowds strike and hitting the biggest rides first is a tried and tested theme park strategy.

Sadly it’s a popular one too and doesn’t necessarily guarantee you an easy time. However many parks offer queue jumper tickets for a surcharge which are totally worth it: you’ll get so many extra rides in plus mum and dad can enjoy casually passing the big queue and smirking but these often come at quite a price! Dining reservations sound too formal but remember how many people will want to eat at the same time as you!

Having a relaxing meal in an air-conditioned eatery is a world away from a quick hotdog on a bench, especially with young kids who often benefit from a break from the crowds. Plus it’s easier to maintain mealtime standards with a restaurant menu, with generally healthier options than the fast-food kiosks. The most common theme park maladies are sunburn, heat exhaustion, heatstroke, and sore feet: all of these can be easily avoided.

Extra hydrating yourselves up to three days before the trip will really help but do take water with you too, half of what you can buy would actually make you thirstier. Apply sunscreen on arrival but also take it along: kids get sweaty and most parks have a water ride, so reapply as needed. Light but enclosed footwear is recommended with a change of socks and a few plasters in the bag.

Finally, remember that a lot of it will be new to the kids, things we think are obvious like keeping your hands inside the car and how to move safely in crowds often just don’t occur to them and bear explaining. Also don’t underestimate how tiring the prolonged excitement is, get the good stuff in first so you can retreat with a minimal argument when they tucker out. One bit of golden advice is always to plan to leave a good hour before you want to so you can factor in the 'can we go on one more ride pleeease arguments and by one more ride you can be sure they mean three!

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