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Fun Tips for Indoor Fun with Kids!

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Want to hear some great tips for indoor fun with the kids on those rainy days? Check out our list with our Family Days Out blog!

How can you keep those kids entertained on those days where you might not want to head outside? Family Days Out correspondent Karoline Gore offers her tips!

Keeping Your Active Kids Engaged During a Rainy Day Inside

A rainy or snowy day can be a source of misery for children. After all, bad weather typically means being stuck inside during the middle of the day, instead of getting to go out and play. Bad weather is particularly disappointing during vacations or on the weekends, which can lead to children rampaging through the home and stressing out their parents. Thankfully, there are steps you can take as a parent to keep your kids active and happy when trapped inside due to bad weather.

Install Indoor Play Equipment or a Small Gym

You have probably never considered it before, but it is possible to turn small sections of your home into playgrounds. For example, door jams and support beams can often support play equipment, such as indoor swings. Indoor swingsoffer a range of benefitsand come in many different >

For those who have older kids or children who won't be interested in swings, gymnastics, or dancing, an indoor gym may be the ideal solution. A treadmill with a television nearby allows teens to entertain themselves while they watch their favorite shows.Other types of gym equipment, ranging from an elliptical to pull up bars can keep kids active and help them burn off energy without just rampaging through the house. Creating a dedicated space that you can visit to exercise will likely benefit you, as well as the children.

Traditional Types of Entertainment

Not all indoor games need to be about fantastic innovations though. Some times the old ways are the best, and simply settling down to a game of chess, cards or anentertaining game of charadesare great ways to show the younger generation that you can still have a lot of fun by following activities from a simpler time. This can ensure that there are many hours of entertainment for your family, even when the weather is nice outside.

Never Underestimate the Power of Video Games

If you don't have space for a gym in your home or you don't want to alter where you live to accommodate bad weather, consider video gaming as a way to keep your kids busy and active at the same time. Systems like the Nintendo Wiiactually encourage physical activity,though they shouldn't be the sole source of exercise. Whether it's a dance game or simulated tennis, your kids can jump, dodge, swing, and play all guided by a video system.

Staying active when the weather is bad can be somewhat tricky. Investing in equipment or systems that promote physical activity while indoors is a good decision for any parent. Not only do you protect your home, but you help your children maintain a healthy weight and a positive attitude about fitness.

So there you have some fun tips for keeping those playful, curious and active kids entertained if the outdoors isn't looking promising! Let us know how your kids love them, and always let us know if you have tips of your own!

Let's get PLAYING!

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