Messy Palette Art Studio

Rockford, IL

Where are we going?

Messy Palette Art Studio
2127 Broadway
IL 61104


What is there to do?

Art is such a fun way to stay creative, and being creative lets you express yourself in so many different ways! You can just be yourself with some paint, pencils and paper.  What would you draw today?

Messy Palette Art Studio introduces kids to the techniques and materials used to create beautiful works of art, and they ensure there are a limited amount of spots in the class so they really get a great hands-on, and attentive teacher.

Perfect for kids aged 18 months (along with a parent or guardian) up to 13 years, they also get free time to explore the art supplies, and reference books, as well as the more structured lessons.

Each lesson is age appropriate and includes various artistic elements such as texture, color, value, line and form - to enhance their already natural talents.

They can run wild with their imagination and create whatever they choose!

At the studio, it's not about the product, but the process.  Kids often begin creating as soon as the crayon hits the paper, but here they will become more away of the whys and hows, as well as the whats that they are creating. 

Because of the small class sizes, the kids natural talents can be focused and developed to really allow them to shine.

Parents, don't worry - they also offer adult art classes too!  They have 4 - 6 week sessions to allow you to express YOUR creative side, and then you can spend your days collaborating and creating with your family at home!

How much does it cost?

Adults: Call for details


When can we go?

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Any top tips?

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