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Did you know, that according to the Museum of Natural History, that most of the state of Alabama was part of the Gulf of Mexico WAY back in time - around 70 million years ago in fact?

How fascinating is that!?

Once a barrier island, the area around Aliceville is now teeming with amazing findings that you can explore and collect - specifically - sharks teeth!

Shark Tooth Creek Outdoor Adventures are a great way to get out there into nature, and collect some pretty special things. These sharks teeth are washed ashore, from around 16 different species of sharks, and make such as fun family day out.

Make sure you book in advance as the collecting fun is by appointment only.

Not only can kids have a great day scavenging with Shark Tooth Creek, but there are also a host of other fun activities that they can enjoy. Why not get out there and spend some time making a splash in the waters as you enjoy swimming, or perhaps grab those rods and take to fishing. See what you might catch!

There are also canoe opportunities available, and if they REALLY feel like Sherlock Holmes finding all the teeth, then there is fossil hunting too, which can be very exciting!

The smaller adventurers can enjoy the canoes in the catfish ponds so they have that added safety for them.

So why not get out there in the beautiful Alabama sunshine and try your luck on Shark Tooth Creek collecting some pretty amazing items! Great family fun. 

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From $25



From $25


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There are camp grounds too if you want to extend your stay! RV rates are negotiable, and primitive camping is $5 per person. The sites have restrooms, showers and cooking facilities.

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It's always a great idea to take bottled water and healthy snacks with you to keep that energy up

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They love taking groups out, and offer a discounted rate of $20 per person, so why not enjoy this amazing adventure and give the kids a learning experience outside of the classroom!

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You can pick up Shark Tooth Creek shirts for $15, and of course take home what you find!

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Speak to staff when you call to book to check about accessibility of the activities

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Booking required.

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