Alabama Museum Of Natural History

Tuscaloosa, AL

Where are we going?

Alabama Museum Of Natural History
427 Sixth Avenue Tuscaloosa
AL 35487


What is there to do?

Did you know that when you visit the Alabama Museum of Natural History, you are walking through the same corridors that families have done for over 150 years, enjoying their own family day out? Quite an amazing thought!

The amazing Alabama Museum of Natural History celebrates and explores the states natural history and ancient past through collections and exhibits. Here, kids can discover what makes Alabama so special, by uncovering what went on through the ages of time, from the Ice Age, to the Coal Age, and yes, even the Age of the Dinosaurs!

The exhibits take you back through 500 million years, with some of the very first fossils found in the state on display. Through these, you can discover ancient life, and it's archaeological past.

You can see examples of fossil trackways made by an ancient creature during the Coal Age, and even see the state fossil of Alabama!

Kids can explore a number of skeletons that show how skeletal structure helps survival in certain environments, and explore the Hodges meteorite - the ONLY meteorite known to have struck a human!

Yes kids, we mentioned dinosaurs, and the Alabama Museum of Natural History has those too. They have several pieces of an Elasmosaur, which is a prehistoric reptile that resembles the famous Loch Ness Monster, and more!

A fascinating first hand look at 500 million years of history, all in the one fascinating Alabama museum!

How much does it cost?

Adults: $2

Children: $1 students (K to 12)

Discount: Seniors $1

Free Under: 5 years


Need a little extra help?

Give them a call to check the accessibility of the exhibits, they will be happy to help!


When can we go?

10am - 4:30pm Monday to Saturday

Open year round but closed Sundays


Any top tips?

There are a few museums on the University of Alabama campus, so why not make a day of it!

I’m Hungry!

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