Seabright State Beach

Santa Cruz, CA

Where are we going?

Seabright State Beach
2014 E Cliff Dr
Santa Cruz
CA 95062

831 427 4868

What is there to do?

Sometimes you can't beach that old fashioned beach fun!

Seabright State Beach is just that - a lovely, simple and long sandy beach between the Boardwalk and Santa Cruz Harbor, where kids can just play, enjoy the sun, build sandcastles, and take a dip in the ocean.

There is great shallow paddling at Seabright State Beach, which is perfect for those younger kiddies. 

It's a beach without those modern amusements, taking it back to the simple pleasures of just the sand, a bucket, and the sound of the crashing ocean. 

If you are feeling active, there is sand volleyball at the beach, and plenty of ways to enjoy that ocean! Older kids can try paddle boarding, as well as surfing, and even windsurfing - are you feeling brave enough to get out on those waves and try and conquer them?!

There are also fishing spots where the kids can relax with the parents and try and catch the fish of the day.

If you want to extend your family day out into the night, there are park-provided fire rings where you can enjoy some beach fires - don't forget those s'mores!

With restrooms and lifeguards on duty, Seabright State Beach is the perfect day out in Santa Cruz without the rush and noise of rides, arcades, and games. It's life and it's most simple - and most fun!


How much does it cost?

Adults: Free!

Children: Free!


Need a little extra help?

They have a sand wheelchair available for use


When can we go?

Day use 6am - 10pm

Year round


Any top tips?

Dogs permitted on leash. If you fish, you need a licence.

I’m Hungry!

Why not take some food and s'mores and enjoy the fire fit! It's a beautiful place to take a picnic and enjoy the sunset!

Healthy Eating

Take plenty of bottled water! - Fun things to do with kids and best places to visit in the US
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