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Red Cedar Trail and Hoffman Hills

Menomonie, WI

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Address: 921 Brick Yard Rd, Menomonie, WI 54751, USA Number: 715 232 1242 Website Contact How do we get there?

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Who is excited to get on those walking shoes, and take to some beautiful nature trails in Wisconsin! We certainly are!

The Red Cedar Trail is a popular experience for families to enjoy, because it takes you through some pretty amazing scenery within the state!

This particular trail is 14.5 miles, and shadows the impressive walls of the Red Cedar Valley. Along the way, whether you're biking or hiking, you will pass through the towns of Irvington and Downsville, as well as the Dunnville State Wildlife Area.

Not only that, you will get to experience some amazing landscapes along the way!  The Red Cedar Trail has a compacted limestone surface and meanders past towering sandstone bluffs and pastoral farmland, through deep, deciduous forests, sunny meadows, and expansive river bottoms.

Sweeping vistas of the Red Cedar River are found along much of the 14.5 miles of trail. Be certain to slow your pace and enjoy the amazing diversity of animals and plants found there.

Don't let winter slow you down either, because over the colder months there are 7 miles that are groomed for skiing, and snowshoeing! 

The Red Cedar State Trail is also part of the Chippewa Valley Trail System, so when you have finished, you will be faced with an 80 mile network of trail that you can take on as a challenge if you want!

The nearby Hoffman Hills State Recreation Area offers 707 acres of preserved and restored wooded hills, wetlands, and prairie traversed with hiking and cross-country ski trails. It's an excellent bird watching area. A 60-foot-high observation tower crowns one of the highest points in DunnCounty, offering spectacular views of the surrounding countryside, especially in autumn.

Nature really is calling!

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The trail is perfect for biking and paddling if you want, because some of the sections parallel the Red Cedar River

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If you're going far out with small ones be sure to prepare for all weather eventualities!

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Healthy Eating It's important to take plenty of bottled water with you, and healthy snacks to keep you energized!

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Use your judgement on the accessibility when you see the trails. The surfaces are limestone and suitable for bikes

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