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Fantasy film "Man and Witch" brings the magic back to the cinema!

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"Man and Witch", a new family fantasy film starring Tami Stronach from "The NeverEnding Story" brings the magic back to the movies this July!

They Don't Make Movies Like They Used To....But They Do Now...!

The magic of the movies is BACK this summer thanks to the new family fantasy film, "Man and Witch: The Dance of A Thousand Steps", starring Tami Stronach (famously the Childlike Empress in the 1984 classic "The NeverEnding Story"), distributed by Fathom Events. 

Especially in recent years, one of the biggest comments when it comes to cinema (and especially family films) is that "they don't make films like they used to"... now, thanks to "Man and Witch", that magical family film experience can be once again enjoyed!

When a lonely goatherd discovers that he has been cursed at birth to never take a wife, he makes a bargain with a reclusive witch to reverse the spell, only to find that if he can;'t complete her three impossible tasks, he will never find true love!

"Man and Witch" is a wonderful, funny and fantastical throwback to those magical childhood films of the 1980s. The cast is exceptional, there is nostalgia for the parents, and it's FUNNY!

FAQ: "Man and Witch"

Want to know more details about "Man and Witch"? Find those answers here!

YES! In fact, it's encouraged to pre-book tickets! Not only is this truly a special film, but it's an independent film and pre-booking helps support the success of its theatrical run :)

Pre-book those tickets HERE!

"Man and Witch" is rated PG. It's incredibly family friendly and so fun for kids!

The film runs for 1 hour and 48 minutes!

Currently this amazing family movie is only showing in the US on July 28th and 30th, but sign up to their newsletter on their Official Website  as they will be expanding into Canada soon and also the UK!

What's also a wonderful nostalgic nod is the puppets in the film are actually Jim Henson Creature Shop puppets (and they look so real!) so they kids will just LOVE seeing the dog, the sheep, the goose and the donkey on their adventures. For the parents, especially those who enjoyed 80s childhoods, will LOVE that the voices of these puppets include Sean Astin, Christopher Lloyd, Jennifer Saunders, Bill Bailey and Eddie Izzard!

"Man and Witch: The Dance of a Thousand Steps" is only playing for 2 nights this month: July 28 and 30, so make sure you go and enjoy this family classic on the big screen!

To check out screenings at a theater near you, and to pre-order those tickets, head to their OFFICIAL WEBSITE and enjoy the show!

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