Rebounderz Sacremento

Sacramento, CA

Where are we going?

Rebounderz Sacremento
2401 Butano Dr
CA 95825
United States

916 836 3001

What is there to do?

At Rebounderz Indoor Trampoline Park, in Sacremento, there's tons of fun and exciting things for the whole family to take part in!

You'll never be bored in this 50,000 SF facility, jam packed with activities and bouncy fun

The main thing here is trampolining! Check out the Trampoline Arena, which is a huge open space for bouncing and flipping about and off the walls!

For the little ones, there's an indoor playground with slides and soft toys and tunnels

Check out their awesome Rock Climbing Wall, there's a load of interesting and colorful rock climbing walls, fun for all ages and experience levels! Test your skills or have a race with your friends!

For all you sporty boys and girls there's both the Basketball Slam and dodge-ball you can take part in! Basketball hoops around the facility let you slam dunk your heart out!

Get ready for the ultimate dodge-ball game as you dive, dunk and flip your way around their dedicated dodge-ball trampoline court! Come as an individual or a team and thrash the opposition!

Go airborne with the Jump Xtreme tower, which let's you jump over a high ledge onto a soft safe landing! It's a perfect thrill ride

So, come down to Rebounderz in Sacremento for a perfect indoor bouncy experience that you'll want to keep coming back to!

How much does it cost?

Adults: Varies for different packages, visit

Children: 4 and under $12.99, more info on

Discount: Parent pass special, Parents pay $5.99 Monday to Thursday, one parent pass per one child ticket sold

Need a little extra help?

Sensory friendly days are included, this is where they make the facility quieter, with less distractions to provide a more comfortable environment for those with special needs or sensory issues Takes place on the 1st Monday of each month from 5pm to 8pm extra info here


When can we go?

3pm to 8pm Mon to Thurs, 3pm to 10pm Friday, 10am to 10pm Saturday, 10am to 8pm Sunday

7 days a week


I’m Hungry!

There is a cafe in the facility that sells pizza, hot dogs and other food and drink! - Fun things to do with kids and best places to visit in the US
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