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Indoor Play in Los Angeles, CA

Who is ready to PLAY!? For those kids in the City of Angels who love to bounce, crawl, hide, learn, and discover, there is nothing quite like indoor play. And you're in luck, because Los Angeles has some GREAT indoor play experiences!

Kids can explore jungles at Jungle Zone, or explore the oceans at Under The Sea Playground. Themes are common with indoor play which means kids can really use those imaginations and whisk themselves away into other worlds!

Some indoor play are geared towards the younger kids, such as The Playroom which is perfect for under 5s, or some allow kids to really challenge themselves and learn new skills, such as Adventureplex!

You can find those that are HUGE such as Kids Concepts USA with 9,000 sq ft of imaginative play for under 10s, or ones geared towards parents too, like Adventure Playhouse.

The best part? No need to wait for the sun to come out, because it's all under cover! So kids, are you ready to explore what great indoor play Los Angeles has to offer? Just look below, and let's go!

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