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Zoos in Chattanooga, TN

Chattanooga is a BEAUTIFUL city, surrounded by incredible views! Kids will just LOVE it!

Ever been to a museum that is perched on a cliffs edge? Nope? Visit Hunter Museum of American Art and then you will have! Love that imagery of those old riverboat cruises down the beautiful southern rivers? Yes? Kids - it’s Southern Belle Riverboat time with Chattanooga Riverboat Company. A great way to see the Tennessee River!

Or for something a big more unique, try the Chattanooga Ducks - an adventure on an authentic WWII amphibious landing craft! Sounds incredible!

From the water to well, water inland - the Tennessee Aquarium not only has amazing creatures to explore, but amazing views! (What did we tell you!)

And those views keep on coming with Ruby Falls - an impressive feat of nature where kids can get lost in the mist, splashing water and deep underground!

Oh yes, one more thing…did we tell you that you can do ghost tours? BOO! Chattanooga Ghost Tours will introduce you to the other residents of this amazingly family-friendly city. Good luck!

Chattanooga Attractions Map

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