Natural Bridge Park

Ormond Beach, FL

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Address: 314 Nature Trail, Ormond Beach, FL 32174, USA Number: 205 486 5330 Website Contact How do we get there?

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Have you ever of a bridge being 200 million years old!?  That's REALLY old!  Older than some dinosaurs....

But if you head to Alabama you'll get to see one in person.  Natural Bridge Park has a sandstone bridge formed totally by nature - so you can explore the bridge then get out in to the park and make a day of it!

It's impressive structure will make you wonder how it was formed, and how it holds in place. How do you think it was formed?  It's been there so long, it must be sturdy!

The bridge is 60 ft high and 148 ft long so is a pretty impressive sight.

The bridge isn't the only part of nature to enjoy in the area.

There is hiking through the woodlands where you can play among the crunchy Fall leaves, or spot birds flying between the trees.  Can you find some really pretty ones?

You can go hunting, or you can just getting out and explore the area, spending time as a family. There is a scenic family picnic area where you can take your own lunch and enjoy it at your leisure in enjoy the sun, or go and admire the artisan well.  

There is even an Indian face carved in the rocks.  Can you pick it out? Why do you think it is there!?

Of course, you can end your day at the gift shop to take away a memento of your trip! 

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There are lovely picnic areas you can enjoy! Just make sure you take all your rubbish with you so others can enjoy it too!

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Where is it at?


Natural Bridge Park is in the beautiful Alabama, at County Road 314 in the fittingly named Natural Bridge.

You can take exit 39 off Hwy 22.

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When can we go?


The park is open from 8 am till dusk.

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