National Tiger Sanctuary

Spokane, MO

Where are we going?

National Tiger Sanctuary
518 State Hwy BB
MO 65754


What is there to do?

It's always great when kids can really experience animals up close: learn about them, their nature and their habits, and understand why we need to look after them. National Tiger Sanctuary is a place dedicated to educating families about all the factors that effect the earth and it's animals.

Their focus are big cats to showcase their beauty and diversity, and they provide a lovely safe home for these animals that they get to enjoy for the rest of their lives!

The National Tiger Sanctuary has the welfare of the big cats in mind, so they only offer guided tours as this ensures the cats have enough time to rest. We don't want them getting sleepy and stressed out!

Did you know they need about 18 hours of sleep each day? That's a lot! This way you can help them get the rest they need. The sanctuary are also closed two days per week so the cats can stay happy and healthy.

It's a great experience for the kids because they can also learn about what the sanctuary does to really look after them. They have individual meals prepared which are tailored to their own diets, and all of the cats have access to natural surfaces like dirt, grass and straw because then it's similar to their natural habitats, and too much concrete can hurt their paws. 

The National Tiger Sanctuary also limits the amount of cats. This way they can ensure the upmost attention to each one, and is great for kids because they can really learn about the individual cats - their personalities and likes - rather than just strolling past them in giant cages and moving onto the next animals as they might in a regular zoo. 

They have a number of tours to choose from, including a feeding tour and awareness tour, so this way you can pick the one that suits your family the most!

If the kids are animal lovers, they might just fall in love with this sanctuary! 

How much does it cost?

Adults: $25

Children: $12 (Ages 2 - 12)

Discount: Groups, Seniors, Veterans

Free Under: Children under 2 yrs. old FREE

Family Deals: Year long family memberships available for just $90!


Need a little extra help?

If you do have special needs and need assistance, they just give them a call to see what help they can offer you for your visit!


When can we go?

Wednesday to Sunday. Tours at 10am, 12pm, 2pm & 4pm.

Closed Monday and Tuesday


Any top tips?

Don't forget to bring your camera! - Fun things to do with kids and best places to visit in the US
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