a bunch of kids run and play in the rain

5 Child-friendly Weekend Activities to Keep Your Family Happy and Busy!


Are you looking for ideas on things to do with your kids this weekend? Are you tired of taking them to the same old parks ? Are you eager to find something new and exciting that you can all enjoy together? Whether it’s because of a rainy day, an extended school break, or just wishing for something different, there will come a time when parents of young children ask “What can we do this weekend?”

Check out these great ideas for spending quality time with your kids this weekend. You just might be surprised by how many fantastic activities are in your very own city!

Go to an art museum

Kids love to explore and create a lot of messy art. What better place to visit with your child than an art museum? It’s a place where they can create their own art as well as explore the art of other cultures, time periods, and artist. You can tour the galleries, seeing the pieces your child has studied in school, or get creative with your own family-friendly activity like creating a paper makin’ chain. You can visit almost any type of museum with your family. You can choose to visit a Children’s Art Museum, which is a specific place designed for children and families, or you can visit a bigger Art Museum. Some museums even offer free admission on certain days, special family programming, and other discounts for families with young children.


large museum exhibit with kids around it

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Take an indoor rock climbing lesson

Kids love challenging themselves—especially when it comes to activities that offer a chance to push themselves physically. Indoor rock climbing is a sport that both kids and adults can try with a professional instructor. There are a number of indoor rock climbing gyms across the country, each with specific rules and safety guidelines for kids. Some gyms even have special programs for children to make sure they get the most out of the experience. Most indoor climbing facilities also offer lessons for both children and adults. If you’re visiting a new climbing gym, be sure to ask about their rules and restrictions for kids. Every climbing gym has different rules and requirements, so it’s important to ask before bringing your child.


children enjoy indoor rock climbing

Photo by Rachel on Unsplash

Visit a local aquarium

Just like art museums, aquariums are a great place to visit with kids of all ages. Some aquariums are even kid-friendly enough to host birthday parties! You can explore the different exhibits together or let your kids loose on their own. Many aquariums host special programming for kids. Some aquariums host special “Sleepovers with the Aquarium” events that let kids explore the aquarium after hours and even sleep there. Other aquariums host kid-friendly “Sensory Friendly” programming that is designed for individuals with autism or special needs. Special programming can range from special sensory-friendly hours to special shows just for kids.


a child with hand on aquarium glass

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Check out a local theatre production

Theatre is an art form that is both accessible and age-agnostic. Kids are fascinated by theatre, and most kids’ theatre productions are designed to be family-friendly. Whether you’re visiting a local theatre company or a children’s theatre, you can expect a smaller, more interactive show. Most theatre productions for kids are performed in a smaller space and are performed by a smaller cast. Some theatre companies even have special pricing or discounted tickets for families. If you’re visiting a children’s theatre, you can expect a performance designed for younger audiences. There may be some mild humour and mild peril present, but the production is age-appropriate for all children.


a theatre stage set and ready

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Go on a hike or walk in the park

There’s no better way to get outside than going on a hike or walking in the park. Let loose, enjoy the fresh air, and explore the great outdoors with your family. You can visit a hiking trail near you or even a local park with hiking trails. Some parks are better suited to younger families than others, so be sure to research before you visit. If you’re visiting a park, you’ll likely want to bring a packed lunch, water, and maybe even a few snacks while you explore. Explore different trails and see what wildlife you can find, go on a scavenger hunt, or bring along a few handheld games.

a young family walk barefoot in woods

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Join a sports class or program

Kids love sports, and there are tons of sports programs, classes, and camps to choose from—especially around spring and summer! You can find sports programs for all ages, skill levels, and interests. From soccer to basketball to swimming, there’s something for every kid. Some sports programs host special kids’ events to make them more family-friendly. Many sports programs are also designed for special needs kids, with a focus on building confidence, social skills, and physical fitness.


a bunch of kids run and play in the rain

Photo by Vitolda Klein on Unsplash

As you can see, there are many great weekend activities to choose from that kids and parents can enjoy together. If you’re tired of the same old weekend activities, try one of these fun ideas. You can explore new places, learn new things, and create new memories with your family. With so many great weekend activities to choose from, there’s no reason to get bored with your weekend plans. You just need to pick one!

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