1. admin

    My son has been attending My Gym for 6 months and we’ve had nothing but wonderful experiences. The building is clean and the teachers are very caring. I recommend this place to every mom I know. I have not booked a party there, but we attend at least once a week and have been impressed every time.

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    Do not go to my gym. I could never get a live person to answer my phone call. Every time I was asked to leave a message. Sometimes they called back after 5 hours. Sometimes they did not call me back. The service was really awful. I reserved a party and paid $75 deposit. Two days later I wanted to cancel the reservation. It was one month prior to the date of the party. My-gym in Aurora refused to refund me the deposit. To me it is like that I buy something in the store and don’t have a chance to return it. I don’t recommend my-gym at all.

  3. admin

    I would give them zero stars if I could. They care more about money than children. I would NEVER give them my business after the outrageous customer service I have experienced from them. Book your birthdays somewhere else! I predict they will not last long in this area! These things usually have a way of taking care of themselves.