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Address: San Marco Blvd, Jacksonville, FL 32207, USA Number: 904-396-6674 Website Contact How do we get there?

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It's so much fun when kids can go to a museum and enjoy some really fun hands-on exhibits - and it's even better when they learn at the same time! That's where the Museum of Science and History (MOSH) comes in. The museum is ALL about educating kids on the world, and the wonders of science. So they have created a number of fun, hands-on activities which can teach the kids as they have fun! Sounds pretty cool to us!

The Museum of Science and History have core exhibits, so you know that you can always return to your favorites if you like. These cover a whole range of fascinating topics, like The Body Within, where you can actually stroll through a mouth (don't worry, not a real one!) and have a wander down the digestive tract...and well, you get the idea! A fun way to learn all about the human body! 

Ever wondered what was out underneath the oceans of the Atlantic? Atlantic Tails lets the family travel into the underwater world of the Atlantic and explore all the amazing marine creatures that live there - from mammals, reptiles, and even a fun Touch Tank where they can get their hands right in and see what else lives there! 

What do you think Florida was like 12,000 years ago? In the Current of Time exhibit, you can go back in time and uncover Florida's history and find out what life would have really been like all those years ago!

There are animal exhibits with tortoises, turtles and snakes, exhibits all about energy, and even a special area for parents and kids under 5 who want to play in a huge treehouse! Science...nature...the museum covers it all! 

Of course, there are also ever changing exhibits so there is always something new for you when you return. 

It's learning made fun at the Museum of Science and History! Have a great day kids! 

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$13.95 (Ages 3 to 12)


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2 years


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You can have your birthday party at the museum - they have a number of packages, including theme packages, so why not get all your friends having a great time too!

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DOn't forget to check out the Planetarium too! There are always a number of shows that let you explore space!

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Teachers corner


It's SO much fun for students! They have programs perfect for your age groups, camp in, animal encounters...and they are all fun!

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If you love the museum, you can take up membership which gives you LOTS of perks and it's worth while if you visit a lot

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Speak to a staff member when you arrive on the accessibility of the museum

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Thursday, Friday, Monday - 10am - 5pm. Saturday 10am - 6pm. Sunday 12pm - 5pm

All year round. Closed on New Years Day, Easter Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas Days, and Christmas

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