The Great Escape Room

Jacksonville, FL

Where are we going?

The Great Escape Room
11651 Central Pkwy #103
FL 32224

904 203-8358

What is there to do?

Kids, do you think you have what it takes to take on The Great Escape Room in Jacksonville?

Your family day out can be spend enjoying a mix of traditional escape room fun, with the challenge of a scavenger hunt.

It's something different for kids over 12 years, where they can learn to work as a team with the family as you all solve problems, uncover clues, challenge themselves, and feel great when they help lead the team to victory!

This Sherlock-themed escape adventure sees your team enter a room, that is then locked behind you. Eeek! You have 60 minutes to try and solve your way out, and escape. Sound easy? Well, let's see about that!

You don't need any special skills to play, you just have to have an open mind!

The Great Escape Room Jacksonville has three different rooms that you can try and conquer, each one bringing something new and different. This also means you can visit again and again, and enjoy a completely different experience.

For those Sherlock Holmes' in the family, you can put those detective skills to the rest as you try to get selected as Sherlock's actual apprentice. You have to unravel the mysteries before you can join his team!

How about trying to find an antidote in order to save the world from a crazy Professor? Can you solve his puzzles before the time runs out, and beat him at his own game?

You can't have an escape room without Dr. Watson, and his team or elite cardiac surgeons who have been locked out of the operating room. Can you rise to the challenge and perform the heart surgery?

Fun, adventure, challenges, and a great way for kids to use their minds whilst having a great time in Jacksonville. 

So kids - do you accept the challenge of the escape rooms? Good luck!

How much does it cost?

Adults: $28

Children: $25.20 (Over 12 years)


Need a little extra help?

You may have to climb a set of stairs, but just contact them before you book to double check


When can we go?

6pm - 8pm Mon & Tues / 6pm - 10pm Wed & Thurs / 10am - 11:30pm Fr & Sat / 10am - 6pm Sun

Year round


Any top tips?

Arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled time! Make sure you book ahead too, and select the time slot for your game when you book

I’m Hungry!

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