Kona Skateboard Park

Jacksonville, FL

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Address: 8739 Kona Ave, Jacksonville, FL 32211, USA Number: 904 725-8770 Website Contact How do we get there?

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Skateboarding is such an exciting sport! It's great to keep kids active, and it really gives their confidence a boost when they finally land that trick they have been trying to master!

It's always find somewhere great to really let lose, and Kona Skateboard Park in Jacksonville is there just for that purpose!

Did you know that Kona Skatepark is OLDEST, and privately owned outdoor skatepark in the entire USA? That's pretty impressive!

If you want to just hang out with the family and enjoy skating in your own free time, there are a number of open sessions that you can join in on. We know you can get those jumps and flips down! It's a great sport to spend with the family, encouraging each other on. 

Do you have kids that have always wanted to skate but have never tried? Then get down to Kona Skatepark because they offer a variety of lessons where boys and girls can learn all about the sport! They even have lessons for those intermediate and advanced skaters too.

Beginners will learn how to set up the board, as well as where to place their feet, and then those basic movements - keeping the momentum, rolling, carving and turning.

For those intermediate skaters, you can learn how to handle faster speeds, how to connect the lines, and an introduction to the Ollie!

Advanced? Well, we're keen to see your tricks! With these lessons you can learn those really impressive moves like rails, ledges, grinds and gaps. Pretty impressive!

Kona Skatepark also have Go Skate Days, filled with fun like Family Skate Zone, skating events, music and theater! How cool is that! They also offer kids camps.

So why not pick up those boards and get the family out to Kona Skatepark - how exciting!

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Make sure you have a signed waiver from a parent before you skate

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Healthy Eating
It's worth keeping hydrated and taking a bottle of water with you and some healthy snacks for energy

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Teachers corner


There are skate camps great for kids 6 to 16, of all abilities! You can join for a day, or a week.

Can I get one of those?


Can you have a birthday party at the park? You sure can!

Need a little extra help?


You do need to be physically able to ride a skateboard, but if you do have special needs, just give them a call to see how they can help

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Regular hours: 2pm - 9pm Mon to Thurs / 2pm - 10pm Fri / 10am - 10pm Sat / 12pm - 8pm Sun

All year round

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