Museum of Idaho

Idaho Falls, ID

Where are we going?

Museum of Idaho
200 N Eastern Ave
Idaho Falls
ID 83402


What is there to do?

Idaho is an amazing state, and has such a rich and fascinating history. So what better way for kids to learn all about this history that at a museum dedicated to it! The Museum Of Idaho is filled with wonderful exhibits (both temporary and permanent) where kids can go back through time at all the amazing things that happened in this great state.

Heard of Lewis & Clark? Well, they have heard of Idaho! In fact, they had a great impact on the state. There is an entire exhibit about their interactions with the Shoshone Village, which in turn shows kids more about the Natural and Cultural History of Idaho.

Ever wonder what the city of Idaho Falls looked like before it became the city it is today? Then just head to the Eagle Rock exhibit, where kids can stroll down memory lane and take a look at the how much has changed - right where they're standing!

Love science? Then maybe the Race For Atomic Power might interest the older kids. Did you know that it was right in Idaho's backyard that dramatic scientific adventure occurred, including finding out about the first usable amounts of electricity that are produced by a nuclear reactor. The display also has the first ever light bulb lit by a nuclear reactor - pretty impressive!

And for ALL kids, the Children's Discovery Room is where they can experience and enjoy an array of fun and interactive hands-on activities. They can crawl through a beaver dam, or explore a bears cave! They can be an Indian in an authentic tipi, or transform into an early pioneer in their very own log cabin. Amazing for the imagination! From lush forests to Snake River plains, there is plenty to spark their creativity.

The Museum of Idaho is a great insight into this great state - and one that kids will walk away from full of new and wonderful knowledge!

How much does it cost?

Adults: $8

Children: $6 (ages 4 - 17)

Discount: Seniors $7 (over 62)

Free Under: 4 years of age

Family Deals: Family $25, and family night $20.


When can we go?

Mon & Tues 9am - 8pm / Wed - Sat 9am - 5pm.

Closed Sundays.


Any top tips?

Family nights are Mondays 5pm - 8pm, and you get a great discount

I’m Hungry!

Idaho Falls has some amazing places to eat, so make sure you grab something before you visit so you don't wander round on an empty rumbling tummy!

Healthy Eating

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