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Universal Studios Keeps Getting Better!

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Universal Studios keeps getting better. Check out our experiences when Family Days Out recently visited!

We love visiting Universal Studios, and recently Family Days Out visited this iconic theme park for the first time post-lockdown, and it didn't disappoint!

First, let's talk about what we know you're thinking. How did it feel being back out in a theme park with all those people? The answer is - fine! Universal Studios were great to ask folks to wear masks at all time unless eating, or outside in the Universal Citywalk area, and we were happy to - and noticed everyone obliged too. People were respectful, and staff were incredibly friendly and helpful to everyone. Sanitation measures were in place, and we felt wonderful being there. 

So now let's talk about what we KNOW you want to hear about - the rides! The food! The characters! The tour!

Let's start with what was THE ultimate highlight for us - the Jurassic World ride.  We had been on this ride when it first opened, and it was great (and you do get wet!). However, it was pointed out to us that with every movie release, new additions are added - and it's SPECTACULAR! Just wait for the end - and we're not just talking about the drop. The animatronics are amazing (there are jumps so be warned!), the atmosphere and props were so realistic...and did we mention the end of the ride!? Just incredible, hats off to Universal Studios for putting on such a great experience.

Make sure the kids stop to watch the baby Raptor handler out the front - it's adorable!

During our time at Universal Studios we also took the 60 minute Back Lot Studio tour. One of our favourites and so informative and fascinating. During this tour you also get to experience two very cool 3D experiences with King Kong and Fast and the Furious. It's mind blowing how advanced technology has become, and make sure you look all around you and not just on your side of the cart!

Along the tour you'll see some famous buildings (from The Good Place, Psycho and The Burbs), to an impressive air crash scene from War of the Worlds with Tom Cruise, as well as the always exciting flash flood experience and dun dun....dun dun....get out of the water, JAWS is close!

Seeing a working studio on this backlot tour really is what makes Universal special - it really celebrates film, and shows the magic of how it's made and combined with the rides, it makes for a really rich day out. 

Also at Universal is the Animal Show with all your favorite four legged creatures who shineon the stage, as well as a Special Effects show. Any fans of sneeking a peak at how movies are made, these are for you.

Another favorite was the Harry Potter ride - grab onto your broomsticks because you will FLY around Hogwarts, with all your favorite characters around you. For those who suffer motion sickness, you might want to be careful with the huge screens and sometimes jarring stops and starts. The graphics, however, are hugely impressive and it really is quite an experience!

Whether you end up on the ride or not, the walk through to the ride is wonderful. Fans of the films will recognise the trip back past platform 12 3/4, and the Hogwarts Express, throught the quaint streets and magical shops.

There is even a roller coaster for those who might not be able to handle the broomstick ride.

Also at Universal Studios is the super fun nod to the Simpsons - Springfield! A visit to Moe's Tavern, a walk past Duff Brewery, you can even catch episodes as you enjoy lunch (and you'll surprise yourself with how many scenes you remmeber even if you haven't seen them in years!)

Kids can also catch the Minions at work on the Minions ride, check out the coolest cars in Fast and the Furious, marvel at the iconic Transformers, uncover the Secret Life of's the best place in Los Angeles to really feel the magic of the movies. To feel close to your favorite stars. To feel like movies weren't so unobtainably far away.

If you want a bite to eat, Universal City Walk is full of options, from Bubba Gump to delicious Mexican, plenty of shops and plenty of excitement!

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