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    We had a small party for my son’s 3rd birthday party and used one of the party rooms. I have to say that there were some mess-ups, such as the fact that our pizzas were about 45 minutes late. However, the manager apologized for the inconvenience and allowed us to get all four pizzas for free and we got two complimentary water bottles/mugs. So for that reason, and because I believe that everyone deserves a second chance, my husband and I do plan to take our son (who is now 4) and our daughter there again soon. We just decided it would be better to take advantage of their concession stand instead of ordering pizzas and let our kids enjoy the inflateables because the important thing is that they just have fun!

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    I had a jacket stolen from our private party room during my daughter’s party. After being told by the owner, Gene, that they had video of an employee taking it out of the room, I spent 4 months calling them and getting nowhere. They refused to do anything about it or make it right.Our pizza order was 30 minutes late and wrong, and I had to go searching for forks for the cake. Although we paid for our own private party host, she seemed to be very difficult to track down. We will never go there again, even for friends’ parties.

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    Overall the experience was great.i had seen an inflateable that had some tears and I questioned the safety of smaller kids. The atmosphere is great. Your kid is sure to enjoy all the different inflateables

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