Tellus Science Museum

White, GA

Where are we going?

Tellus Science Museum
100 Tellus Dr
GA 30120

770 606-5700

What is there to do?

Tellus Science Museum is an experience, not just a destination, because this HUGE Georgia attraction features over 120,000 sq ft of exhibits covering everything you could want to know about our planet (and more) in a scientific capacity.

The permanent exhibits feature a wealth of topics, from minerals, fossils, technology, and hands-on science experiences for those curious kids!

Shall we explore?

Have you ever stared into the mouth of a T-Rex, or caught a glimpse of a saber-tooth tiger car? At the Tellus Fossil Gallery, you can! Here you can discover how life on Earth started as you explore millions of years of history learning about dinosaurs, and giant mammals that dominated the planet before us!

What's also fun is following up your fossil experience with a visit to their Fossil Dig!

The Science In Motion gallery uncovers 100 years of transportation history, from the early days of vintage cars to man rocketing into space. There is even a replica of the Apollo 1 capsule among others!

Discover what lies beneath our feet in the Weinman Mineral Gallery, with more than 50 cases filled with gems, gold, and precious minerals, and make sure you see the world in a different light in the fluorescent mineral room!

Kids can enjoy a wonderland of imagination in the Big Backyard exhibit, where kids can play with light, rainbows, mirrors, and so much more in the greenhouse, and even experiment with sound!

Also at Tellus Science Museum is Bentley Planetarium, where you are taken on a journey through the solar system and beyond with their digital projector. Great for all ages and only a small extra cost on your admission.

A day of exploration, prehistoric fun, wonders of geology and SO much more, so kids, what are you waiting for - the Tellus Science Museum is ready and waiting for you to discover science IS fun!

How much does it cost?

Adults: $15.95 + tax (Planetarium $3.50 + tax for 1st show, $2 + tax for additional shows)

Children: Ages 3 to 17: $11.95 + tax (Planetarium same additional price as adult)

Discount: Students & senior discounts / free for military with ID


Need a little extra help?

The museum is accessible, and wheelchairs are available on a first come first serve basis.


When can we go?

10am - 5pm daily

Open year round but closed major holidays


Any top tips?

Check out the fun events the museum hosts! These include Night at the Museum, Astronomy Days, and Science Spooky Night!

I’m Hungry!

All that exploration is hungry work! The Tellus Cafe features a wide variety of meals, snacks, and rinks, including burgers, hot dogs, soup, and more!

Healthy Eating

There are salad options in the cafe! - Fun things to do with kids and best places to visit in the US
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