Family Days Out In The Shadow Of COVID-19

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How YOU can still enjoy those special moments of adventure.

How YOU can still enjoy those special moments of adventure

2020 has been a strange, unexpected and tumultuous year already, and it’s only June. For many families, those grand summer plans to finally ride Space Mountain at Disneyland, come face to face with dinosaurs in New York’s American Museum of Natural History, or eat hot dogs on the Coney Island boardwalk have all been thrown into disarray.

With the world slowly but surely opening back up - what can you do as a family, and where can you go, to still enjoy those great and cherished family days out across the next few months?

1. Ensure you plan an outdoor adventure

One thing that has been apparent through the myriad of information told to us, is that being outdoors is much better than being indoors – so consider that as your number one priority when planning for first post-coronavirus adventure.
Each state in the US, each state in Australia, and each province in Canada will have their own individual status of what national and state parks have opened up, so check ahead when planning your trip.
After all this time indoors too, the outdoors will be a welcome change!

2. Stay local

When we think of travelling, we often associate adventure with distance – but there are often so many incredible places right on our doorstep, that this could also give you a chance to really explore your local surroundings. This is also great if you are slightly nervous at the idea of opening up your family to your yearned for family days out.
Start with a day trip, see how you feel. You can increase the control you have on those potential risks such as planes or public transportation.

If you want to make a night of it, some hotels – for example Hotel Figueroa in Los Angeles – offer a discount for those who can prove they live in the state.

3. Take an RV Trip

If you do want to venture further afield, not only is an RV an incredibly fun way to enjoy a road trip anyway, an RV in these times is even more so something to consider for a number of reasons – the first one being you will have access to your own kitchen, and bathroom, and can restrict your use of public amenities.

4. Be prepared

Better to be safe than sorry, and talk of a second wave can make people nervous. All that means is just be prepared.

Only travel with those you have been self-isolating with. Ensure you pack hand sanitizer, wipes, and pack your own cutlery.

5. Visit attractions that are prepared

The tourism industry shut down completely, but parks such as Disneyland are set to open June 11th. Zoos and safaris are also one of the first groups of attractions to open.

If you do choose to visit newly opening attractions, first check their website to see how they are dealing with social distancing, and tackling the safety of visitors. Familiarise yourself with these, and ensure you follow their guidelines during your family day out. This will not only ensure the safety of your family, but others around you too.

6. Understand your local laws

In Australia, some state borders are still closed despite the very low Covid-19 infection rates. In the US, interstate travel is opening up, but some states had higher infection rates than others. Consider visiting a state that hasn’t been affected the most – ensuring you yourselves of course have been self-quarantining prior.

7. Visit a lesser-known attraction

Outdoor spaces such as the Grand Canyon and Battle of Gettysburg have already started to see an increase in traffic – which also means that trying to self-distance from the crowds might prove slightly trickier – so why not visit a lesser known park, historic site, or even just a lake to still get that amazing experience without trying to compete with other keen adventurous families.

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