Heritage House

Riverside, CA

Where are we going?

Heritage House
8215 Magnolia Ave
CA 92504

951 826-5273

What is there to do?

When you walk the streets of Riverside, it's quite hard to picture what life may have been like over a century ago. Luckily for you, Heritage House - owned by the Riverside Metropolitan Museum - now offers you a chance to catch a glimpse into this world!

Heritage House was built in 1891, and depicts life in turn-of-the-century Riverside. Kids - how different do you think it might have been?

It was affluent houses just like Heritage House that would have graced Magnolia Ave all those years ago. The house itself was restored and maintained to allow families and visitors a chance to really see and feel what nineteenth-century life would have been.

The tastes, values, and lifestyles have been meticulously researched, and incorporated into the renovations.

The Heritage House isn't just a house though...the children would have wanted somewhere to play! The Heritage House gardens are a beautiful example of 19th century plants that would have been flourishing during that era.

The garden utilizes historically accurate plants, and gives kids and adults educational opportunities. Features include a kitchen herb garden, and a beautiful rose garden. There is a woodland garden, barn area and vegetable garden, and even a butterfly and hummingbird garden!

With all the colors and scents of nature around you, it's a beautiful way to finish your learning experience at the Historic House!

Kids - what do you prefer? 21st century life or 19th century life? After the visit...it might be a tough call! 

How much does it cost?

Adults: Free. Suggested donation $5

Children: Free


Need a little extra help?

THere is limited handicap parking in the House Parking Lot. There is an onsite volunteer who can help you with your wheelchair entering the house. THe first floor has a lift, the second floor is only accessible via stairs.


When can we go?

Noon to 3:30pm Fri - Sun.

September to June. Closed July and August


Any top tips?

Make sure you arrive 45 minutes before closing.

I’m Hungry!

There are plenty of places you can grab food in the area before your visit!

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