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Family is not an important thing, it’s everything. Hence, you need to make sure that you allot enough time for your family and choose holidays that allow you to bond together. If you are willing to take some time out you need to look out for holidays that allow you to keep aside those smartphones and tablets and focus on exploring nature and outdoors. Choosing a wildlife holiday is a great idea where you get to head out for adventure and fun in the wilderness.

Elephants on Safari

Author : Armughan Zaigham

Spending time in the wildlife with family allows you not only to learn more about nature but also to do more activities which rejuvenate your mind and soul. It provides you with a much-needed break from your devices and monotone urban lifestyle. To ensure that you can make the most of your wildlife holidays with your loved ones you should choose the right destinations. However, if you are unsure how to create an itinerary for your upcoming family wildlife holidays you can approach experts to help you curate the best itineraries.

Here are 8 destinations you can choose from for a perfect wildlife holiday experience with your family in 2024.


Over the years, India has remained one of the top choices for families who want to enjoy quality time together. India is a paradise for nature lovers. Hence, you can always look out for the best family wildlife packages and plans you can get. With 106 national parks and 54 tiger reserves, India is among the top destinations for those who want to get close to nature. Apart from tigers, you can also get close to leopards, Asiatic lions, one-horned rhinoceros and swamp deers. India is a great place for avid birdwatchers who want to explore different bird species. With excellent accommodations that range from basic to luxurious, you can choose to stay in various resorts close to national parks. Also, while you are here you can enjoy delicious and diverse Indian cuisine and do shopping as well.

South Africa

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If you have never been on a wildlife trip before South Africa seems like a great place to begin with. With excellent connectivity and impressive facilities and amenities, South Africa is perfect for families who want to bond together as they explore African wildlife. With remarkable national and private wildlife parks, you can enjoy game drives and sightings of Africa’s Big Five. Apart from the regular wildlife, South Africa is a great destination for marine wildlife as well. You can head out to get sightings of whales and even look out for various butterflies that reside in this region. South Africa has a magnificent coastal area and therefore it offers a perfect blend of safari and sand for that memorable family wildlife holiday experience.

Costa Rica

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Blessed with immense natural landscapes and beauty, Costa Rica is a great place for families who want to relax and unwind. Combined with excellent security and hospitality, Costa Rica is a perfect hotspot for nature enthusiasts. This family-friendly destination has easy connectivity and a huge list of top national parks where you can explore nature and do outdoor activities like hiking and mountain biking. Costa Rica is also a place where you can explore dormant and active volcanoes and is known as the hummingbird capital of the world. When you are done exploring wildlife you can head out for activities like hiking, surfing, scuba diving and horseback riding which enhances your wildlife holiday experiences.


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Nestled in the Himalayan Mountains, Nepal is a home for adventurers and mountaineers. However, Nepal is also a great place for those who want to explore the nature and wildlife that exists in the region. Nepal has diverse wildlife and ample national parks which offer a great experience to those who want to explore local birds and animals. You can visit one of the many national parks and even various scenic locations and natural wonders that attract visitors from all over the globe. With friendly locals and delicious cuisine, Nepal is a great place for families who want a blend of relaxation and adventure as they explore the local wildlife.

Elephants on Safari



If you are interested in a luxurious family wildlife experience, Botswana is among the top destinations that you can choose from. With excellent accommodations and lodges, families can stay here for a week or more and enjoy some of the best game drives and sightings of Africa’s Big Five. With diverse wildlife and stunning landscapes, Botswana is perfect for those who want to do wildlife photography. You can also head out for outdoor activities and adventure in the Okavango Delta and various national parks that provide you the space to see animals and birds in their natural habitat.


Brazil is one of the top choices for families who want to experience and enjoy their wildlife holidays. With plenty of pristine beaches, fascinating cities, and lush greenery, Brazil remains one of the popular choices globally. With reliable and sunny weather, you can cover a lot of ground when you are holidaying in Brazil. With more than 70 national parks, Brazil is a nature lover’s paradise. Iguacu National Park and Tijuca National Park are two of the many national parks that you should visit. You can also enjoy the local music and dance when you are done exploring the wildlife.


Over the years, Mexico has always remained a popular choice for families who want to relax and unwind together. However, Mexico also has ample nature making it a perfect destination for families who want to explore wildlife in its natural form. There are 67 national parks in Mexico and you can visit some of the popular ones like Palenque National Park, Tulum National Park and Sierra de Organos National Park. Apart from this, Mexico also has a huge variety of canyons, rainforests and deserts where you can find an abundance of wildlife species. When you are done exploring the wildlife you can enjoy authentic Mexican cuisine and participate in various cultural events and festivals.


Australia has some of the unique and fascinating creatures and wildlife that are hard to find anywhere else on the planet. Hence, if you are planning wildlife holidays with your family you can head to Australia for a memorable experience. Sighting kangaroos are quite obvious when you are in Australia, but you can also find and explore many other animals like koalas, emus, wombats, wallabies and possums among others. Australia is also a great place for those who want to explore marine wildlife as you can visit the Great Barrier Reef and explore the sea life. This would ensure that you can have a great time with your loved ones and family in Australia.

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