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    A hidden treasure in “plains site”. Plan to spend enough time here to understand the feeling of isolation and individual insignificance that overpowers plains travelers and residents alike. Continue to Guernsey, get out of the car, stand in the Guernsey Ruts, view the rock inscriptions. This was the superhighway of two exploding cultures, one destroyed, one ascendant. Then get ten miles off the river and see how little impact man’s machinations really have on God’s creation. Awesome place.

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    Really nice park property. Ranger staff was very helpful and informative. The kids loved getting a sarsaparilla in the saloon after earning their Jr. Ranger badges.

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    This is a terrific place to stop. So much of western history passed through here. From French fur traders to what some refer to as the beginning of the war with the plains Indians, Fort Laramie was a primary focal point as Americans expanded on the frontier. Knowledgeable, friendly rangers and docents provide valuable insight into life at this remote frontier fort. It is well worth your time to visit this well preserved piece of American history.

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    Quite an interesting place to visit. The people there were very helpful and quite informative about all the history of that area. A few of the old buildings had been restored and you can see what they would have looked like back in the day.