Five Civilized Tribes Museum

Muskogee, OK

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Address: 1900 Honor Heights Dr, Muskogee, OK 74401, USA Number: 918 683-1701 Website Contact How do we get there?

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The Native American history is a truly fascinating one, and one that every family should immerse themselves in! 

The Five Civilized Tribes Museum is ALL about the history, art, and culture of the Five Civilized Tribes in Oklahoma. Do you know what they are?

If you guessed Choctaw, Muscogee (Creek), Chickasaw, Cherokee and Seminole, then you'd be right!

The museum has been educating families since all the way back in 1966, and continues to educate and fascinate about these very important cultures that we have in the USA. 

As you make your way around the museum, you will pass exhibits that feature various aspects of the lives of these tribes. As you walk around and look at all the artifacts, use your imagination as to what not only the tribes would have been like, but the people themselves. 

What were they like? What were their names? It's a great way for history to really come to life for those little history buffs!

Some of the exhibits change frequently, so there will always be something new to see every time you visit. There are also some exhibits that will always be there too, so you know that you will be going back to quality!

The Five Civilized Tribes Museum has an amazingly extensive collection of traditional art which has been produced by artists of the tribes themselves. Have a look at the colors and the patterns - what do you think they represent? Great for art students!

A historic trip into a part of American culture which has been, and still is, so important! Enjoy! 

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If you love the museum and want to support it, become a member! You get great discounts too!

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Keep an eye on the schedule so you don't miss out any shows or exhibits that you want to see!

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If you book 72 hours in advance, and have a group size over 10, they would love to help you organize a tour for your students!

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They have a lovely gift shop where you can pick up educational and artistic items to take home and continue the learning!

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Give them a call if you need assistance and they can let you know what can be done!

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10am - 5pm weekdays. 10am - 2pm Saturday.

Open February to December. Closed first two weeks in January and Sundays

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