Fiddlesticks Family Concerts

Pittsburgh, PA

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Address: 600 Penn Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15222, USA Number: 412 392 4900 Website Contact How do we get there?

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Fiddlesticks - what is that music I hear!?  Is it...a piano?  Is it....an oboe?   Perhaps it's a harpsichord!

Fiddlesticks Family Concerts offer kids a chance to experience and enjoy the world of classical music - one they often won't come across in their little active lives but can bring them so much education, culture and feeling.  

Ideal for kids 3 - 8 years old, they will be taken on a musical journey and introduced to sounds they may not be familiar with.  Have you ever heard the big DEEP tone of a trombone?  It can go right through you and give you goosebumps!  Or perhaps you will find the tinkling of the triangles remind you of bells at Christmas time? 

It's not all about the concert though.  The kids can enhance their experience with Discovery Time Adventures, which start at 10am before every show (and is free to ticket holders!)

Here, kids meet, and listen to the orchestra musicians, have a go at playing musical instruments, and maybe even be inspired to pick one up themselves!  

Have you ever plucked a violin before?  Or held a cello?  They're pretty big! 

Tickets for the next year go on sale early, so make sure you check out the different themes and concerts and introduce your child to the magical world of music! 

Do Re Mi....the PSO and me!

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Where is it at?


Heinz Hall is in the cultural district of downtown Pittsburgh, so public transportation is a great option, and easy to use. There are many buses with stops walking distance to the entrance, as well as the T underground. There are also a great deal of taxis.

Teachers corner


The Education and Community Engagement Department aim to engage children and individuals in experiences of the highest artistic and educational quality to create informed, enduring, and evolving connections to music and to the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra. A great thing for kids to be a part of and experience.

Can I get one of those?


Yes if you loved the show so much, why not take away a keepsake! The Fiddlesticks Family Concerts provide merchandising tables at every show, which sell t-shirts, puppets, dolls, CDs, DVDs, pens, books, and more!

Need a little extra help?


The hall is very accessible and wheelchair friendly, so everyone can come and enjoy the music.

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Baby Facilities

There are no baby changing tables at the facility.

When can we go?

Doors open at 10am

Concerts vary on dates throughout the year

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