Heinz History Center

Pittsburgh, PA

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Address: 1212 Smallman St, Pittsburgh, PA 15222, USA Number: 412-454-6000 Website Contact How do we get there?

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Pittsburgh has a FASCINATING history! Do you ever think about the things that have happened centuries ago as you walk around the city today?

Heinz History Center is the perfect place to learn all about 250 years of Pittsburgh History! Pre-revolutionary dramas, the French & Indian War, and the match-ups of the Super's all covered at the museum!

The museum has 6 floors of exhibits - some long term and some changing (which means there is something new to see on future visits!)

Some of the long term exhibits include - an entire museum! Of course it does, it's the largest museum in Pennsylvania!

The Western Pennsylvania Sports Museum covers 2 floors, where kids can re-live some of the greatest moments in sport. The home runs. The Olympic golds. The Super Bowls. It's all here!

The Special Collections section is 10,000 square feet of artifacts showcasing the unique blend of cultures and people that make up Western Pennsylvania. From items of ethnic communities to artifacts from corporations, it's a great section for kids to learn about the multiculturalism of the state. 

And in every great museums - a kids zone! Heinz History Center is no different. Discovery Place is a hands-on lab for families to learn all about the city's history, These areas showcase the lives of kids who grew up in Western Pennsylvania, so kids will really be able to relate and see the difference in how they live now! (They can even "go to work" as an apprentice in a salon or climb through a steel mill!)

Heinz History Center is a HUGE museum perfect for spending the day with kids to introduce them to a fascinating history of a fascinating city!

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The museum can be found at 1212 Smallman St in Pittsburgh!

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There is always something new to learn! They offer tours and field trips, museum classes and family programs. Ask about their self-guided tours and organized tours!

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10am - 5pm


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