Central Rock Gym Glastonbury

Glastonbury, CT

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Address: 259 Eastern Blvd, Glastonbury, CT 06033, USA Number: 860-659-8260 Website Contact How do we get there?

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Climbing is such as great way to keep fit, have fun and push yourself to beat your own personal best. Central Rock Gym Glastonbury has indoor and outdoor climbing for both adults and kids, but with special attention to kids classes and camps! 

Just outside of Hartford, Central Rock Gym have a whopping 25,000 sq. ft of climbing area, with the walls reaching 40ft! That's pretty high!

The gym hold special classes, including bouldering competitions and introduction to lead climbing, to make sure you have all the skills and techniques you need to really excel at climbing.

Technique classes are free for members, or you can understand belaying in their beginner belay class, perfect for those over 13. (Safety first!)

If you have mastered the indoor climb, or just want to take the leap and take it outdoors they also have programs to get you climbing with an experienced outdoor instructor. Beginners and experts are both just as welcome, and with a short hike you will reach your destination, get roped up and off you go!

You can also spend a one-on-one or one-on-two day long experience which is a great personal and productive climbing day!

Don't forget to check out their popular camps just for kids, as well as the birthday party options so your chid can bring their best friends along to enjoy a fun day of climbing together! 

The climbing walls always have the routes color coordinated by difficulty, so don't worry if it looks daunting when you first arrive. Just find the color that matches your experience and only go for those!

It's a fantastic way to keep fit (they also offer yoga and Pilates!) and there is nothing more satisfying than finally getting to the top on a route that you previously couldn't master. You will only get better!

Rock n Roll! 

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$18 not including rentals



$14 student not including rentals



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Summer camps run right through July and August. Get climbing!

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Make sure you take some energy bars or snacks to keep you going through climbing. It can take it out of you quite quickly!

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Where is it at?


The gym is located at 259 Eastern Blvd in Glastonbury, CT. They are just off Addison Road and near Smith Middle School.

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When can we go?

Weekdays 11am - 11pm. Weekends 9am - 9pm.

Year round.

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