The Fire Museum

Manchester, CT

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Address: 230 Pine St, Manchester, CT 06040, USA Number: 860-649-9436 Website Contact How do we get there?

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Nee Yaw Nee Yaw - that must be the sound of you heading to The Fire Museum in Connecticut! It's an adventure, learning experience and trip into the history books all in one! You might just leave feeling very brave too!

The Fire Museum takes you back to another time as soon as you enter it's doors. It's housed in a retired 1901 fire station with a unique atmosphere that saw the transition from hand drawn to horse drawn, then to motorized vehicles. Can you imagine rushing to a blazing fire in a hand drawn fire cart!?

A collection of historic artifacts can be found across three floors of this historic building, with a large gallery on the second floor.

In 2017 the exhibit showcases "Connecticut's Bravest: The Early Years" where you can see photographs from the early years of the states Fire Service. Some of them even date to the late 1800s! Kids can see photos of early firemen proudly posing with their apparatus! Imagine how many lives they have saved...

The exhibit changes seasonally so you can always go back to learn something new!

The Fire Museum feature a host of fire apparatus from all across the state, so you can really learn something about each county and how they differ and work. Kids can get so much more learning by actually seeing these objects in person, as opposed to reading them in the history books.

Kids - both girls and boys - might even be inspired by their visit, and want to be brave just like these firefighters when they are older! A great day out to show them that they can be anything or anyone they want!

History is waiting at The Fire Museum. You never know what they might just learn on your next visit - so what are you waiting for! Get those sirens on, and enjoy your HOT family day out! 

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Adult admission by donation, suggested is $5



Free under 12 years


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Keep an eye out for the different exhibits and they can change!

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It's a good idea to grab something in the area before or after your visit! There are plenty of options

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Teachers corner


They LOVE having school groups with them. They welcome large groups, but if you have 10 or more in your party, make sure you call at least 10 days in advance. They charge a small admin charge for booking a group. A great way to learn!

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Speak to staff if you have any questions about the accessibility of the museum. They will be happy to help!

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12pm - 4pm Fridays & Saturdays

Open from second Saturday in April to second Saturday in November

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