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Top 5 Most Haunted Hotels in America!

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We share with your the Top 5 Most Haunted Hotels in America! Are you brave enough to stay there on your next family days out? Boo!

There are SO many amazing, unique and wonderful hotels to experience as you travel with the family across the USA, but how about trying something a little bit different on your next adventure?

Main Image Credit: The Stanley Hotel

Keep reading, because we are sharing with you our Top 5 Most Haunted Hotels in America! Whether you just want to visit for lunch out of curiosity, or dare to take up a room and stay overnight, these hotels will certainly leave an impression on you!

1. The Stanley Hotel (Estes Park, CO)

This iconic Colorado hotel is famous as Stephen King's inspiration for his iconic book The Shining (famously brought to the screen by Kubrick in his film adaptation starring Jack Nicholson), and is an absolute must visit. (If you are a fan of the book or film, Stephen King wrote half the book in room 217 - a room frequently requested to this day!)

The Stanley Hotel stands intimidatingly impressive against a stunning backdrop of snow capped mountains in Estes Park. Dating over 140 years old, the hotel features on the National Register of Historic Places and really needs to be experienced in person to truly appreciate it's beauty and grandeur. 

And yes, The Stanley Hotel has a reputation for some spooky happenings. 

It's said that today the ghosts of the owners continue to walk the halls - F.O Stanley and his wife Flora. In the music room (Mrs. Stanley's favorite!), you might just hear the piano playing by itself.  Some people say they feel the presence of Mr. F.O. Stanley around the lobby or in the Billiard room. 

If you really want to try and have an experience, book a room on the fourth floor. This was the floor of the old servant quarters and is fairly active with spirits.  The narrow corridors certainly add to the chills! The sound of children playing in the halls is common even when the building is child free.

Two very active rooms apparently are 212 and 418.

The hotel also offer historic tours which are worth considering to really get to know the history. 

Image Credit: The Stanley Hotel

2. Jerome Grand Hotel (Jerome, AZ)

At 100 miles north of Phoenix and a 45 minute drive from Sedona, Jerome Grand Hotel can't be missed as you drive towards this Arizona ghost town - perched high atop the hill, ominously overlooking the town.

The hotel started life as the United Verde Hostpital in 1926, and operated as such until 1950. In fact, in 1930 it was considered the most modern hospital in the entire USA.

Phelps Dodge Mining Corp. bought the property as an operating hospital, and maintained it fully furnished for 20 years after its doors closed. Then, in the 1980s the hotel was boarded up and opened up in the 90s as the impressive hotel you can visit today.

If you don't fancy an overnight visit, the hotel has a delicious restaurant on site. it also bosts impressive views of Jerome and beyond! However, unless you are a guest you are only permitted on the lower floor. Only guests can explore the upper floors and its here it's been said former nurses continue to check up on people staying within the walls.

The current owner doesn't believe in spirits, so you might just have to visit to decide for yourself!

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Image Credit: Jerome Grand Hotel

3. Le Pavillon (New Orleans, LA)

Nicknamed "The Belle of New Orleans", Le Pavillon is also considered THE most haunted hotel in New Orleans (and in a city of New Orleans, that's quite an achievement)

Le Pavillon is in just a stones throw from the French Quarter and is very much luxury. It's an incredibly stunning hotel, and this is apparent when you realize that most of the furnishings are actually from the Grand Hotel in Paris. However, this luxurious reputation only came into existence in the 1960s despite the hotel's creation dating back to 1907. 

In fact, prior to 1907 the land that the hotel sits on and the surrounding area were considered incredibly dangerous and inhospitable. Could it be events that occured on the land itself that is the reason for the many happenings experienced?

If you do stay, it's said that the first entity you might encounter is right when you arrive - as Adda (or Eva) haunts the lobby.  People have actually reported seeing a girl with a hat and shawl, who at times bumps into other guests and apologises before disappearing.

Another report is an old couple who walk the halls together, before vanishing into elevators. If you do stay, it might be the long-haired visitor who likes to play pranks by tugging sheets who you will encounter!

Whether you do have an experience or not, you'll be guarenteed an utterly luxurious stay, with Le Pavillon receiving the AAA’s four-diamond award every year since 1996.

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Image Credit: Le Pavillon

4. Malaga Inn (Mobile, AL)

Malaga Inn has been reported to be the most haunted inn in Alabama - are you brave enough to find out if this is true? If so, you might want to start with room 007 where a woman in white has been seen!

Located in the fascinating Historic Downtown District of Mobile, Malaga Inn dates back to around 1862 during the Civil War - actually as twin townhouses. They remained in the same family until 1960 when they were converted into the beautiful inn you can stay in today.

The history of the inn is fascinating to read about before you stay, as then you can really appreciate what you are experiencing. Of course, it might not just be the rich history you experience!

An overnight stay might see you witness a chandelier that swings on its own, or lights turning on all by themselves. You might even see furniture pieces mysteriously moving on their own.

If you do book one of their 39 rooms, the Malaga Inn also offer free historic tours of Mobile subject to availability, to really help you make the most of your time in Mobile!

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Image Credit: Malaga Inn

5. The Skirvin Hilton (Oklahoma City, OK)

According to BBC Travel, The Skirvin Hilton in Oklahoma City might just be THE most haunted hotel in the country. Have you visited? Do you agree?

This Art Deco property dates back to 1911, and rumours swirl of the most common sightings are those of Effie - a Prohibition-era chambermaid.

If you're brave enough to stay overnight, you might witness doors slam on their own, or lights flickering randomly. Some people have even reported words written in the foggy post-shower mirrors!

Click on the "Happenings" tab on the hotel's website, and you might be disappointed to see it's not in fact a list of all the spooky goings on in the hotel. It's actually a list of all the fun things you can experience as a family, including afternoon teas and live music!

A visit to the Skirvin Hilton will give you 100 years of history and tradition, and the location ensures you're in the heart of Oklahoma City's vibrant culture.

So whether a believer or not, put The Skirvin Hilton on your radar

Image Credit: Skirvin

So what you do you of our Top 5 Most Haunted Hotels in America list? Do you agree? Have you visited any?

We can't wait to hear your stories, and if you have any more blog ideas just comment below and we'd be happy to consider them! Until then, enjoy this blog and....good luck...!

This is not a sponsored blog from Family Days Out. We just love history and hauntings and have personally visited some of these hotels and loved them.  Wanted to share these properties to help make your family days out even more amazing!

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