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    Discriminates against children with disabilities. Unfortunately, instead of allowing children who meet the posted age and height requirements to pay for and drive a go cart, this owner, does not allow children with special needs on the go carts. The owner clearly discrimnated based solely on our child’s special needs. We had planned for our family of 4 to go on the go carts, mini golf and museum. The owner first asked if there was something wrong with our child (to which we just stood shocked at the question).Then he asked “Am I missing something here?”,then said in front of our child, ” Is she special needs?” …”because she cant go on the carts then.” Despite the fact the our child is13 yrs old, 54″ tall and we assured him she has done this ride at other parks, he said “well not here” . What a sad place. No wonder it was empty. Please do not give this place your money.