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About Wilderness Trails Zoo

If you LOVE animals, then you might want to fill your family day out with animal encounters, and Wilderness Trails Zoo has just the thing!

The Wilderness Trails Zoo offers the whole family a unique zoo experience, in a great natural environment.  There is a mile long trail which winds past trees and ponds, and of course those amazing animals! In fact, there are over 50 species of native and exotic animals for kids to experience, and learn about.

The exhibits at the Wilderness Trails Zoo were constructed for the benefit of the animals, and you! Here, you will see the animals much closer than what you would at a "typical" zoo. They also ensure they maintain that Michigan beauty that we all know and love!

Kids will really learn about all of the creatures, as they have labelled each enclosure with information all about the animals. Learning comes in all shapes and sizes!

We mentioned animal encounters, and animal encounters you shall have! The petting area is very hands-on, and here you can have interactions with the animals in a very special way. Alpacas, ducks, rabbits, calves, goats, and even miniature horses all are waiting to meet you. It's not uncommon for babies to be there, and you might be surprised - once there was a Dromedary Camel!

The second hands-on feeding area are the feed stations. Throughout the park you'll find places to buy feed for a specific animal. The animals are always hungry, so you won't have a problem finding a taker for your food! Great fun for kids as they hand feed swans, peccaries, river otters and even peafowl!

For those kids with extra energy, the playground is always popular for an intermission, where they can mimic the monkeys and other animals as they enjoy the activities.

Animal fun at the Wilderness Trails Zoo out in Mother Nature - the classroom in the trees!

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Wilderness Trails Zoo FAQ’s

Doing our bit

Enrichment is something that the zoo provides for their animals everyday. It can take many forms, including new food items, interesting objects in enclosures or a new exciting habitat design. Enrichment is a very important component in the overall health of their animals because it stimulates species specific behaviors, challenging them mentally and promoting physical activity.

I’m Hungry! Can I get food at Wilderness Trails Zoo?

The gift shop sell candy and snacks.

Any top tips when visiting?

If you want to support the zoo, why not adopt an animal! You can help care for it's wellbeing and know that you are supporting a great cause

Does Wilderness Trails Zoo have a gift shop?

There is a gift shop that's stocked with stuffed animals, souvenirs, candy and educational toys!

Teachers corner

An amazing learning experience, just give them a call to see how you can visit with the students.

Does Wilderness Trails Zoo have healthy eating or Vegan options?

There are picnic tables, with some under canopies, so you can bring your own food (no alcohol). Why not enjoy lunch with the animals!

Is Wilderness Trails Zoo fully accessible?

Speak to them before you arrive about the accessibility of the trail.

Any additonal information?

The last admission is taken at 6pm