Betsy Ross House

Philadelphia, PA

Where are we going?

Betsy Ross House
239 Arch St
PA 19106


What is there to do?

Now, we ALL know that the great Star-Spangled Banner is an icon of the USA. After all, it's the national flag!

But how did it start? Where did it come from? Where was it "born"? Welcome to the Betsy Ross House! This historic attraction is found in the heart of Philadelphia - and what a fitting city because that is really the birthplace of America as we know it today!

The Besty Ross House will take you back to the 18th century, where you can experience the sights and sounds of the moment that the Stars & Stripes was born.

Here, kids can learn all about the loved story of how Besty Ross actually sewed the very first Stars & Stripes. A tour will take you on your journey through the house, and then in your own time, just stay and learn more about Besty herself and her exciting life through fun, and interactive historical programming. 

When you do take the tour, you can now even listen to Besty's story through your new audio guide. As you walk round, it's great for kids to use their imagination as to what would have actually happened on the same ground they are standing. 

The audio tour will tell you all about her life, love and death, and of course the Revolutionary War itself. She was a mother, she was a wife, and she a business woman, and she was a revolutionary. It can really inspire children - girls in particular - to really understand that they can be anyone they want to be!

If you have kids between 4 and 8, then they have their own audio tour, and actually get to solve 13 "history mysteries" - history made fun!

Learning is made fun at the Betsy Ross House! 

How much does it cost?

Adults: $7 audio tour. $5 self-guided tour

Children: $6 audio tour. $4 self-guided tour


Need a little extra help?

If you have special needs, just give them a call to see how they can help, and what accessibility there is


When can we go?

10am - 5pm daily

All year round. Closed Mondays between Dec 1 and Feb 28


Any top tips?

Don't miss meeting "Besty" in her upholstery shop! You can ask her all the questions you might have about her trade, or how she came about sewing the first flag!

I’m Hungry!

You're in Philadelphia - there is SO much to enjoy to fill those tummies before or after your time in the house.

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