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Fun Ways to Give Thanks this Thanksgiving!

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This Thanksgiving we have a lot to be thankful for given the past 18 months, so here are some fun ways to give thanks with kids!

The past 18 months has been an incredibly trying time for the whole world, with some people not even able to see family for nearly two years. But now, the world is opening up, travel is opening up, and we are finally being reunited with our loved ones.

So this Thanksgiving there is so much more to be thankful for, especially if you are blessed with being able to spend it with family, so instead of writing about delicious receipes you could cook, we wanted to just bring it back to basics - to gratitude - and just offer some fun tips on various ways you can give thanks this very special Thanksgiving season.

Give A Hug!

The most simplest way to give thanks, and something we probably don't do nearly enough (and also something we actually haven't been allowed to do much lately!) is just give a simple hug. So grab your mother, your father, your daughter, your son, your friend....anyone who is really special in your life, and give them a big ol' bear hug, and tell them that you love them. 

Send a Thanksgiving Gratitude Card, with Handwritten Letter

There is something so special about receiving something snail mail, especially in an age of text and email, especially if that something is handwritten - actual pen to paper, like in the "old days".

Sending a gratitude card is a really lovely way to show your appreciation to someone who you might not be able to see in person for whatever reason that may be. Tell them why you're grateful for them, what memories you have of them when they did something really kind or memorable for you. 

If you want to make it extra special, actually write a letter and place it in the card. It gives that little extra piece of thoughtfulness which will make that special person feel extra special. 

Give Back

Giving thanks is also about giving back, being thankful for the community in which you live.  Being thankful for the wildlife that surround you, for the nature that gives you shade, and sun, and color. 

So why not dedicate a day to what makes you thankful beyond family - volunteer at a homeless shelter, volunteer at a stray animal shelter, give to a food bank, or dontate to a cause that is important to you, like saving the rainforest or helping childreen in need.

Giving back is so rewarding, and helping others less fortunate is so good for the soul.  You might find you love it so much, your new annual Thanksgiving tradition becomes something you incorporate into your life more frequently. 

Be Present

This is one of our favorite things - being present. We live in an age where nearly everyone has a phone or an ipad or gadget of some sort, a constant stream of social media, news, emails, computer games and distractions. It's also not uncommmon to see a family out to dinner, phones in hands, scrolling slowly with no conversation.

So this Thanksgiving, be present. Have a phone free day. Turn off the wifi. Turn off the TV. Put some music on, and have the whole day from dusk to dawn being in the moment.  Connect with family and not the internet. Talk to each other instead of watching Tik Tok. You'll be amazed at how much more enriching your family day will be as you engage with each other, listen to each other stories, and celebrate TOGETHER.

Spend Time in Nature

Nature is incredibly powerful. It heals, it calms, it inspires, it's life all around you. Dedicate even an hour of your time to nature. If you're in the city, this might be just heading to a local park. If you live in the country, head out on a hike, or enjoy a leftovers picnic, grab a kayak, go for a swim, or just sit under a tree and read, meditate, or talk.

Nature is a wonderful way to heal, and also to just feel connected to the planet. Nature puts things in perspective, and can make your problems feel insignificant - being in nature might give you the answers you need because your mind is able to calm down.  Nature is beautiful, and so is any time that is spent in it!

So how will you spend your Thanksgiving Day? Whether you are able to spend the day with family and friends, or if you're not, there are some great, simple ways to give thanks and show gratitude without having to even have a budget at all. Gratitude is for everyone, no matter what background or circumstance you're in.  There will always be something you can find to be grateful for, and that one moment of gratitude will change everything. 

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Lisa Downs

Lisa has been a content writer for Family Days Out for nearly 10 years, and a keen travel writer for nearly 20. She loves experiencing the best of a city, discovering the many things to do and immersing herself in the culture, and sharing these experiences with others through her writing.

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