Memory Lane Heritage Village

Lake Charlotte, NS

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Address: 5435 Clam Harbour Rd, Lake Charlotte, NS B0J 1Y0, Canada Number: 877-287-0697 Website Contact How do we get there?

What is there to do?

Kids, are you ready to literally step back in time and experience what coastal Nova Scotia was like back in the 1940s? Well, at Memory Lane Heritage Village you can!

Memory Lane Heritage Village is a unique day out where you can actually immerse yourself in a living history museum. That's right - no exhibits and no "do not touch" signs. Here, you LIVE the history as you walk the streets, and really feel what life would have been like all those years ago.

Pretty amazing!

Why not start your adventure at the Hosking General Store, and chat to the storekeeper just as patrons did long before. This family fun business sells everything from needles to anchors - you never know what you might need!

Ding Ding - that must be the school bell! Did you know in the 1940s students attended school in a one-room schoolhouse? Sit at the desks and imagine how different school life would have been - perhaps you want to practice your longhand on the blackboard!

You can spend some time in the Clam Harbor United Church and play a tune on the organ, or simple stop by the garden and see what grew in the 1940s! 

At Memory Lane Heritage Village you can see how the introduction of electricity transformed the family home (that's right kids, those light bulbs weren't always there!), or perhaps you can learn about why the icehouse was so important.

From mills, to metal workshops, to the family barn with those adorable animals (and yes, there are kittens!), this living history museum gives kids an education they could never achieve from reading books. 

If you really want to amp up your experience, you can take part in some of the experiences and packages on offer, including personalized journeys and overnight stays. 

Are you ready to see Nova Scotia history come to life right in front of your very eyes? 

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$3 (ages 6-17)



Seniors discount, and combo "Tour & Chow"


Free Under

5 years


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No pets allowed as there are farm animals on site

Any top tips?


Keep an eye out for fun events across the season, including antique car shows, seafood festivals and "old time" village fairs, you won't want to miss them!

I'm Hungry!


The Cookhouse Chow is $12 per person, and offers you buffet style eating in a replica of a 1940s cookhouse! Open 11:30am - 3pm daily. All of the food is prepared there, and includes homemade bread, baked beans, soup and desserts!

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Where is it at?

Teachers corner


They offer group discounts for groups with 10 or more, with 24 hours reservation notice

Need a little extra help?


All buildings on site are wheel chair accessible, although some entrances are narrow and can have a small bump where the ramp meets the heritage building. Staff are happy to assist of course!. Key buildings of interest, including the Giftshop, General Store, Cookhouse, Garage, Antique Vehicles, School and Church are within a 2-5 minute walk. Other buildings require more walking. Resting benches are positioned throughout the Village.

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When can we go?

Daily 11am - 4pm in season.

Open June 15 to Sept 15. Off-season appointment only.

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