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Atlantic Playland

Hammonds Plains, NS

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Address: 1200 Lucasville Rd, Hammonds Plains, NS B4B 1P7, Canada Number: 902-865-1025 Website Contact How do we get there?

What is there to do?

Atlantic Playland is fun for everyone in the family, and admission and parking is always FREE! It's just pay and play, so you can have as much fun as what your budget allows.

Atlantic Playland have the coolest waterslides, where you can really get a great view of the park! If you want to stay COOL, head to the fun bumper boats next, where you can take on the family. Just keep an eye out behind you!

Perfect on a hot summer's day.

Take a ride on "Big Ellie", the Atlantic Playland Ferris Wheel, where you can enjoy great views of the park, or spin back in time on the 30 Horse Antique Carousel. It's guaranteed to delight the young and young at heart, and perhaps a bit nostalgic for the parents!

There are go-karts where if you feel the ned for speed, you can put that pedal to the metal and try and channel that inner NASCAR champion! Perhaps you would rather try for that hole in one with their fun mini golf course?

For those little ones, Atlantic Playland also has a host of kiddie versions of the "big rides", including a coaster! Hang on tight, kids!

With a haunted castle and a kids pool to boot, it's no wonder people visit Atlantic Playland again, and again, and again! 

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How much does it cost?



Pay and Play: $1.15 per ticket. Super Bracelets $23.75



Pay and Play: $1.15 per ticket. Super Bracelets $16.25 - $18.75



Season passes available


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They have "waterslide only" bracelets available too, as well as discounted bracelets after 4pm.

Any top tips?


Some of the attractions have height restrictions so just be aware of these!

I'm Hungry!


Fun is often hungry work, so just head to the Carousel Cafe with a selection of tasty treats like hot dogs, fries, cotton candy and chicken strips! Yum!

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Just speak to staff if you have any questions about accessibility of any of the attractions!

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When can we go?

Regular Hours: 11am-6pm. School Hours 9:30am-3pm

June to September

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