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Address: 5 Rue Du Pont Bertrand, NB E1W 0E1 Canada Number: 506-726-2600 Website Contact How do we get there?

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If you just LOVE exploring history, then you might need to make a stop at the Historic Acadien Village in New Brunswick. This popular attraction is one of the most authentic historic sites in North America, with over 40 historic buildings brought back to life with costumed interpreters reviving ancestral customs and traditional crafts, dating back from 1770 to 1949!

Everyone has a story to tell, and a job or costume to revive, so really immerse yourself in the experience!

Originating from the 17th century France, the Acadians were the first French settlers in North America, (and the oldest French speaking people!) and at this historic site, you can not only learn of the history, but also the people and families who actually lived it.

You can visit the General Store, typical of a turn of the 20th century Acadian community, and the life of owner Charles Godin, and learn about Joseph Mazerolle, who was deported from Boston, and how his sone built the Mazerolle house.

All of the houses have a family name attached to it, and with every visit, you can learn about not only the history of the house itself, but the history of the family that once called it home.

Historic Acadien Village really allow you to connect with the history, and has plenty of keep history lovers interested!

Beyond just a visit to the village, check the calendar of activities for extra fun including workshops, plus summer camps and more!

Put down those history books kids, and head to Historic Acadien Village where you can LIVE the words on the pages!

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Allow a minimum of 4 hours for your visit, or you can go back as your bracelet is valid for two days of visit!

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During the Autumn season, only 1/3 of the houses are open

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Café-Bistro du Village is located at the Visitor Center and is the perfect place to relax, cool off and have a snack before or after your visit. Take advantage of your visit to buy fresh country bread, a specialty coffee or their famous sugar pie!

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Teachers corner


It's a wonderful learning experience, and they offer student discounts for $5 per student!

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The Village Shop, located at the Visitor Center, is worth a visit! You will find a wide variety of articles to remind you of your visit to Acadia and your visit to the Village. Many creations of the Village are on sale.

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People with special needs and their escorts enter the historic site free of charge .

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10am - 5:30pm daily

Open June to September

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