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Steven F Udvar Hazi Center
14390 Air and Space Museum Parkway
Tel: 703-572-4118

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Have you ever dreamt of blasting off into space as an astronaut, ready to explore the galaxy? Or perhaps pilot a fighter jet speeding through the sky? Yes? How exciting! Because the Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center is exactly what you need to inspire you!

This exciting center in Virginia is FILLED with thousands of fascinating artifacts all revolving around aviation and space. You've heard of the space shuttle Discovery? Well, at the Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center you can see it for yourself in person! With two huge hangars filled with items, you certainly will have an exploratory family day out on your hands.

The center always have some incredible exhibitions on - covering a host of topics that will educate and fascinate. From ultralight aircraft of the 1920s, to WWII German Aviation and their technological advances, to human space flight (all together..."One small step for man...")

Kids can learn how to boost a rocket in the 20th century, or learn all about travel into the earths atmosphere, and how planetary observation works. There are exhibits on satellites, aerobic flight, and even a look into how commercial aviation grew to be such a modern part of life. After all - we do use it a lot these days - can you imagine a life without it!?

The Steven F. Udvar-Hay Center also has an IMAX theater where you can watch some amazing programs on the history of the war, or the universe, one a SUPER big screen! It's a pretty incredible experience - you might feel like you really are in space! 

If you love the idea of airports and how they operate, kids can also check out the Observation Tower with a 360 degree birds eye view of the nearby airport, and they can watch planes lands and take off - and after their time in the museum they should know how that all works!

The great thing about this museum is it isn't just for kids and families with a specific interest in aviation and space. Anyone who goes will find something intriguing, and fascinating, and it's learning made fun!

Who might be inspired and find some little future astronauts in the family - to the final frontier and beyond! 

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How much does it cost?

  • AdultsFree
  • ChildrenFree

When can we go?

10am - 5:30pm

Open all year round except Christmas Day. Some days have extended hours

Teachers corner

What a great place to take the students! There is so much to learn and they have field trip options suitable by grade and age. Students on field trips can bring their own lunch .

I'm Hungry!

From burgers, muffins, cakes and treats, there's a McDonalds at this center!.

Healthy Eating!

McDonalds have salads and water, so there's always the healthy option!.

Any Top Tips?

The IMAX theater is an extra cost - tickets are $9 for adults and $7.50 for youth. .

Doing our bit

The museum are dedicated to educating all who visit on the incredible history and stories of our aviation and space achievements. And they allow it for free! Amazing stuff! .

Need a little extra help?

Everyone is able to experience this great museum! There are designated parking spots for those with disabilities, as well as wheelchair access around the exhibits, and interior elevators and wheelchairs are available at no charge to rent. .

Can I get one of those?

Save those pennies, there's a museum store! From postcards, books, keychains, videos, prints and clothing - there is plenty for you to pick from! .

More information

Tickets for the simulators are available to buy at the IMAX box office. No reservations are required. .

What people are saying?

  • "My 12-year-old's dream come true!"

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    To say that my son loves this museum is an understatement. He's already asking to go back again! :)

  • "Great place, not for really young"

    by on

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    I love the place, very informative and interesting. My 3.5 year old gets bored quickly. It is a great place to get close to the planes, but an active toddler may make you want to leave!

    If you have kids > 5, go!

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