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Ocean World
304 Highway 101 South
Crescent City
Tel: 707 464 4900


20 miles south of the Oregon border, Ocean World is located on Highway 101, along the coast of northern California, within the city boundaries of Crescent City.

Where are we going today?

Oh we love to be...under the sea!  Ocean World is an ocean adventure for the whole family! Creatively built within an old sea barge, this family fun day out is home to an amazing variety of sea life!

Kids can watch, learn and even interact with these beautiful creatures that call the ocean their home.  There are guided tours that they can enjoy, and ask all the questions they want about life under the ocean.  These tours run during daylight hours (the tanks are naturally lit) and take about 40-45 minutes, and run every 20 minutes or so, so you can be guaranteed you won't have to wait long for the next tour!

Ever touch a sea slug? Ewww!  During the tour they take you to the interactive touch and feel Tide Pool Exhibit, where you can find out about creatures like the sea anemone, sea stars and sea slugs where you can actually dip your hand in and see what they are like to touch - are they are slimy as you thought?  Perhaps they feel prickly?

After the touch pool, you will descend into the old barge where the half million gallon aquarium lives (that's a LOT of water!).  Here you can view 360 degrees of amazing sea life - it will feel like YOU are actually in the ocean with them!

The Rocky Bottom Environment is home to over twenty species of local rockfish, wolf eels, and giant sea stars to name a few, and the Sandy Bottom Environment is home to leopard sharks. Have a closer look for the cave dwelling horn sharks - can you spot them?

The Open Ocean Environment will show off the incredible Bat Rays - have a look at their rhythmic movements - have you seen anything else like it?  Here you will also encounter green sturgeon, striped bass and the dogfish shark.

SHARK!  Where?  Oh few, just arrived in the Shark Gallery!  We would say don't worry they are behind glass, but this Shark Gallery gives you the opportunity to PET A REAL SHARK! Don't worry...no-one has lost a finger yet....

Can you imagine what an 8 foot high Megalodon Shark jaw looks like?  Pretty huge? Well, don't forget your camera because you can step INSIDE one and actually take a picture!  When you're there, try and imagine what it would have looked like when it was roaming our oceans....

The grand finale is the Sea Lion and Seal show!  Get down and watch Marina, Skully and Wyatt, our three harbor seals, entertain you as they play! Watch and learn about these beautiful creatures as you enjoy the show.

Everybody!  We like to be...under the sea....!

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How much does it cost?

  • Adults$12.95 (Over 12)
  • Children$7.95 (Ages 4 - 11)
  • Free Under: 3 years.

When can we go?

8am to 9pm during summer, 9am to 6pm during winter.

7 days a week, year round. Closed Christmas Day.

Teachers corner

They offer fully guided tours of their 500,00 gallon aquarium. They will send teachers pre-tour activity packs to help prepare, and discounts are offered for students and teachers!.

I'm Hungry!

There aren't any restaurants within Ocean World, but Crescent City has some great options walking distance! .

Any Top Tips?

Be prepared for rainy weather during the off season! Even during the summer, there are times when you might need a jacket. What do the scouts always say? Be prepared!.

Need a little extra help?

The aquarium is inside a remodeled ship and is not 100% handicapped accessible. Due to this limited access, they do offer 50% off of our regular rates for handicapped guests. The tide pool display, shark-petting tank and seal show are 100% accessible..

Can I get one of those?

Want to take something home to remind you of the wonderful creatures of the ocean? Their gift shop offers a very wide variety of souvenirs, clothing, toys, gifts and candy, as well as a large number of items with oceanic themes!.

What people are saying?

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    My experience at ocean world was far better than I expected. It had initially appeared like it was going to be a hokey little thing with a few fish in tanks. Not the case. Do not judge this by how it looks from the outside. The show with the seals and sea lions was awesome. The ability to feel the sharks and starfish was cool, and the tanks with the fish and sharks in them were actually pretty cool to watch and learn about. I definitely give this place a five. They more than deserve it.

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    Great fun. Kid Really enjoyed it. They loved petting the shark. Awesome show with seal.

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    I am a fish enthusiast and aquarium hobbyist. I was very pleased with the price, atmosphere, knowledgeable staff, and variety of aquatic organisms. Thumbs up in my book!

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    A real crowd pleaser!
    I am the owner of FunBus Tours and Kamp Klamath RV Park in California's coastal redwoods. One of the area attractions we suggest to our customers is Ocean World and they consistently rate it as "excellent", "so much fun" and "a can't miss visit".
    Truly a great family value and experience.
    Aaron Funk

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    This is a must see if you enjoy marine life. A great staff who is knowledgable and friendly. There is a tide pool where you can pick up the starfish, shark petting and a cute sealion show. Well worth the fee.

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