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    As I was wrapping up my day at Outdoor Adventure Center I realized I had finally found a business worth a Yelp review. With numerous options on the river I talked with some friends who recommend Outdoor Adventure Center (Wave Trek). As soon as you exit off highway 2 and head into Index you are greeted with the beautiful rafting base camp. Plenty of snacks to grab before you head out on the river and plenty of Micro Brews for when you get off the river. As soon as we arrived the staff was super helpful and made sure all questions were answered before gearing up. We then headed to the back yard where all the gear is hung up dry ready to go. The staff made sure everyone was set up correctly and ready for the water.The connivance factor is huge, everything is in one location, no need to gear up then jump in a van to take you to the river. Once your gear is on you walk 20 feet past the hot tub and hop in the raft. We were one of the first commercial trips of the season so the water level was pretty low. This being said our guides Blair and Bucky gave us an awesome day on the river. Both super knowledgeable of the history and geology of the area. Even though the river was low it was still good fun and some pretty solid rapids. I will for sure be going back once the water is at peak height. When we got back, the hot tub was ready to go at 104 degrees. While soaking in the waterfront hot tub the BBQ was fired up and the staff was cooking steaks on the deck. We then headed up to the deck to enjoy beer, steak, pasta salad, salad salad, watermelon, and strawberries and sunshine. The food was amazing and there was more than enough to go around. Being one of the first sunny almost 70 degree days of spring we stuck around on the property for a few more hours. Relaxing in the sun, playing the manly game of throw rock at a rock, and tossing the stick for the two family dogs (picture on the review) couldn’t ask for much more from a day on the river. Before leaving I purchased the pictures and received $50 towards my next trip. I highly recommend doing this, you get the pictures and a down payment on your next trip. It is truly refreshing to see an honest family run business. We felt as if we were hanging out with an extremely hospitable family rather than someone who is trying to churn and burn customers for profit. All and all this was one of the better experiences I have had in the outdoor industry. Thanks and look forward to seeing you when the water hits 11k.