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About The Oregon Vortex House Of Mystery

Are you ready for something....strange? Well, it doesn't get more so than at the Oregon Vortex House of Mystery!

Here, it might just leave your mind boggled!

You see, the Oregon Vortex House of Mystery is where you can catch a glimpse of a very strange world indeed, where the improbable is just commonplace! Here, everyday physical facts are reversed, and the results might just stump you!

Here, the area is where naturally occurring perceptual and visual phenomena occur, and you can even capture it on film! Are you intrigued yet?

Kids - this is where your science classes come in handy! The Oregon Votex is actually a spherical field of force, which is half above the ground, and half below.  Its where this whirlpool of force finds you appearing shorter, or taller, as you approach magnetic north and south.

Did you know that a vortex is the building block of our own universe? Now THAT is pretty cool! People have been visiting this wonder since the 1930s, and is a fun stop over for kids if you are in the area.

Even the history of the area is fascinating, with Native Americans and their horses not wanting to visit the area, and they even considered it "forbidden ground"! 

So are you keen to see something very out of the ordinary in Gold Hill, Oregon? We certainly are - and don't forget your camera!

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Adults $22.00

Children $16.00 (Ages 6-12)

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Last Update 2023

Discount Seniors (62+) $18.50

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The Oregon Vortex House Of Mystery FAQ’s

I’m Hungry! Can I get food at The Oregon Vortex House Of Mystery?

In season they have a cold drink shop open

Any top tips when visiting?

Still cameras welcome but not motion video or audio allowed

Does The Oregon Vortex House Of Mystery have a gift shop?

They sell souvenirs and novelties in the gift shop!

Teachers corner

They can arrange a discount for pre-arranged groups of over 15, just make sure you book 2 weeks in advance

Does The Oregon Vortex House Of Mystery have healthy eating or Vegan options?

It's a good idea to take your own snacks and water

Is The Oregon Vortex House Of Mystery fully accessible?

They are on a paved road the whole way

Any additonal information?

RVs have turnaround space